October 31, 2011

Cream Halloween Ball 2011

I wasn't really planning to attend any Halloween Party this year since my father's death is still a shocked to us, but I guess destiny wanted to cheer me up, or at least lessen the sadness I have in my heart, hence I got an invite to attend "The Halloween Party of the Year." First, thanks to AXE Philippines, for bringing me here and to Orange Magazine TV's editor, Jeman, for tagging me along. So, yes, welcome to Cream Halloween Ball 2011 for me! Wee!

Last Saturday was my first-ever Cream Halloween Ball. Believe it or not, I'm not a big fan of Halloween since I don't like seeing ugly looks. Thankfully, Big Fish's Cream Ball was different. There were a lot of nice costumes and more of sexy ones, which actually made my head turns every move! Haha!

Well, there were still that looked dumb, but majority looked so great and fabulous. Haha! No wonder this is the biggest Halloween Costume party as always. ^_^

October 29, 2011

Nuvali's The BetterDog Games 2011

One sunny Saturday, I got to witness one of the cutest and lovable competition I've ever been into. We're not talking about women here who are vying for a crown, nor children who are competing one another for a title. But rather I'm talking about the cutest and cuddliest man's best friend... And they are not just cute and cuddly, they are the better dogs too!

On its third year, The BetterDog's Canine Behavior Center holds their annual pet competition that tested the skills of their favorite pet dogs at the place where people and nature thrive, NUVALI, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last October 22 and 23.

Featuring the Philippine Dog Agility Association (PDAA), dog owners from Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Manila gathered for this annual pet-loving competition that showcases not only their dogs' admirable physiques but also their mental alertness and capability to face every obstacles.

October 28, 2011

Avida Land Pumps Up Tunog Natin 3!

On its third leg, Avida Land Corporation, a leader in enriching the lives of more people, keeps it promise in supporting Original Pilipino Music through the launch of Tunog Natin 3 - an all-OPM concert series that showcase the greate musical talents of our Filipino artists.

And now, together with this heart-warming concert, Avida Land open their doors wider once again as they announce to the public their two new projects that will give the modern Filipino families a mixed used of commercial and residential developments - Avida CityPlex Towers BGC and Avida Towers BGC 34th Street.

Avida CityPlex Towers BGC

Avida Towers BGC 34th Street

October 27, 2011

Nivea Men Silver Protect and the Bloggers Nightout!

Last week, I, and 20-plus male bloggers. were invited to experience a fun and combative night of laser tagging  at LazerXtreme, Market! Market!, Taguig City! And together with the latest product from Nivea, the Nivea Silver Protect, we managed to stay dry and smelling really, really good.

Before the laser tagging starts, Nivea team introduced to us their latest product that is specifically made for men who are always on the go, may it be for work or for play. Nivea Silver Protect is created for men to keep dry and smelling good even on extreme conditions. And I think with what we've just gone through that night, I can say that this product proves its testament.

The bloggers' laser tagging competition was scheduled for two rounds. Most of us were kinda first-timers, so I'd say that the game was quite fair then. The instructions on how to play game was pretty simple, and so with three teams ready to take the laser tag arena, the game started.

October 26, 2011

Are You Ready for the Halloween Weekend?

For those who are still wondering where to go this coming Halloween LONG Weekend, well, I have three exciting suggestions for you. And I'm sure that with these suggestions you'll have a "somehow" clear view where to head up and how to dress up. Hehehe. The one will scare you and get you drunk, the other one will scare you and make you dance and the last one will scare and take you to the forest! How about that? Now, your curious... :-P

Okay, the first one will be happening on October 31st, Halloween Day, at Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito at No. 84, Scout Tuason corner E. Lopez Sr. Drive, Quezon City.

Guests are advised to wear scary costumes for this party. The door charge is Php300.00 and it goes with 2 cocktail drinks. Puresounds and DJ Bryan will be rocking the house, so make sure that you are wearing your scariest costume to freak someone out. Get drunk, too! Haha!

This is one Halloween Party you should't miss in the metropolis!

Resorts World presents The Sound of Music

From one grand show to another grand show, Resorts Worlds Manila keeps the theatrical-love burning as they recently raised their curtains for a series of shows that features one of the world's most famous family in one of the world's most loved story, The Sound of Music.

From October 15 to December 1, you can catch this amazing theatrical show that features the country's best of the best ,together with its creative team led by its director Roxanne A. Lapus and its musical director Maestro Rodel Colmenar with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.

I was one of the lucky people who had a chance to see it first, and me, being a fan of its original movie version, had a really great time that night. I also liked its cartoon version that was shown at a local TV channel, but of course, there's something about Julie Andrews that you'll always love. Hehe.

October 25, 2011

PLDT and Smart Hail Teachers at Gabay Guro 2011

It's that time of the year again for our beloved teachers to celebrate and received the much-deserve love from us. And now, with another year of PLDT-Smart Foundation's Gabay Guro, I'm sure that they'll receive that love, attention and makeover that they needed to be a better role model to our future generations.

This is my second time to attend the Gabay Guro celebration, and despite of the anticipated huge number of teachers, I know that I'll be happy seeing them singing and dancing along.

October 24, 2011

One Artistic Night at F*ART (Fashion Art)

A few days ago, I was invited by Miss Viva Andrada to check out the art exhibit happening at their F*ART (Fashion Art) store in Quezon City. Upon meeting Miss Viva at their place, she immediately introduced me to the man behind the exhibit, Mr. Meneer Marcelo, who is her friend and a graphic artist professor at Mapua Institute of Technology.

To be honest, it was my first time to attend such event, so I'm kinda clueless as to what will happen. Thankfully, the organizers, as well as the other guests were kind and cool, so I really had one great, artistic night.

Mr. Meneer Marcelo

Before the small program started, I got a chance to check out the art pieces displayed on the wall of of F*ART, and with a theme of portraiture or head drawings, my favorite thing on photography too, I had a wonderful glimpse on each of the students "masterpieces".

October 21, 2011

Sony's Love.Christmas Weekend Sale

SONY lovers, here's something to rejoice this coming weekend. Just make sure to fill your pockets because for sure you'll be buying a lot on this years Love.Christmas Sale

Happening at the Megatent Events in Ortigas, everyone will surely enjoy the latest and coolest gadgets and home appliances from one of the world's leading brand, SONY.

During it's presentation for the media at Sofitel Manila last week, which I got to attend to, our eyes feasted on their latest versions of Cybershot, Alpha, DSLT Camera, Walkman, Bravia, Playstation, Cellphones and VAIO.

Tunog Natin will rock for the Third Time!

Tonight, October 21, 2011, OPM lovers will enjoy a night of fun, true-blooded Filipino music as Avida Land Corporation's advocacy to promote our country's music will celebrate its third leg of Tunog Natin: An All-OPM Concert. And tonight, Avida Land Corporation and OPM favorites will rock Market! Market! in Taguig City!

On this leg, we will be expecting performances from our favorite OPM bands like Moon Star 88, Techy Romantics, Franco and my personal favorite Letter Day Story. Jaya, Miguel Escueta, MCoy, Noel Cabangon, Myrus and Tricia Garcia are among the solo artists who will also grace this event and will add glitter and love to this wonderful night.

Proactiv's Trick or Treat Promo

Now that one of Hollywood's top beauty secret is out  and is available in the Philippines, I guess we don't have an excuses to have that "scary" face - a face full of pimples or acne that push people away from us. And with this latest promo from Proactiv, expect a "treat-ful" Halloween that will give you  that beautiful skin and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates!

To be honest, I am currently having this pimple breakout, with all those things that just happened in my life, in our family, who can blame me right. Sometimes, how I wish that I just have chocolates to blame for all these pimples, but as just what professionals said, CHOCOLATES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PIMPLES. So the only that I can do now about these yucky things on my face is to treat them - carefully, nicely and magically.

October 20, 2011

The Hiatus, The Death, The Comeback

I had so many wonderful weekends this year - Guimara, Iloilo, Bacolod Weekend with superfriends, Boracay Weekend with The Angels, Tagaytay Weekend with Mama and the Northern Luzon Road Trip Weekend with The Angels again. But last weekend was different. It was a weekend of disappointment, demise and despair - a weekend I never thought would have, a weekend I would not want to experience ever again.

The Hiatus

As of this moment, I have tons of backlogs for my blogs Recycle Bin of a Middle Child, Lafanggero, Rammmpa! and Lenscapade. And I'm honestly saying that I still dunno how to start lessening them. I committed myself to quite a handful of events last weekend, but unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, I have to cancel last minute. So, for those who were expecting me on their events and didn't see me, I'm really sorry. I'll make it up next time.

Last Friday before the worst weekend succumb me and my family, I had a bad day here in the office. Our salary was delayed and I don't have enough money to get me through the day. Thankfully, I have a sister who works just some few buildings away from my workplace and lent me some money.

All those disappointments were replaced by the wonderful stageplay that I saw that night - The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music has a story of a family who loves to sing, dance and bond together - a dream family that anyone would love to have.

Sadly, now that our Papa has left us, we will never be a family anymore. :-(

October 14, 2011

Pentax and My First Photo Contest Win!

I was invited last week to attend the launching of Pentax - a camera brand that is currently getting back in the market with their latest and coolest styles and designs. Since I'm into taking pictures lately, I graced the event and had a look at the latest offerings of Pentax.

Held at Anabel's Restaurant in Quezon City, I was welcomed by a vast set of wonderfully-looking gadgets that added more nice color to the beautiful venue. We were allowed to touch and try it, so without any hesitations, I started my "Pentax camera exploration"  from their most affordable one.

Pentax RS1000 - Php5,990.00

Pentax RS1500 - Php5,990.00

According to their staff that accompanied me, the only difference of RS1000 to RS1500 is its interchangeable face plates or skins. In every purchase of RS1000, 3 face plates that comes with it. I find this unit so fashionable, young and really cool. The skins will definitely personalized your camera.

October 13, 2011

Spoil Your Sole in Rio Carnival

Pinoy flip-flop lovers, here your chance to enjoy a luxurious trip abroad as Ipanema, one of the world's most-loved slippers, brings another exciting and captivating promo that will take you and your friend to the beautiful place called Brazil!

In every pair of Ipanema slippers that you buy, you will receive a printed promo code that you'll need to put in your raffle entry form that can be found at Ipanema Philippines Facebook Fan Page. One winner will win a seven-days and six-night vacation to the colorful and lovely country of Brazil. The lucky winner and his chosen friend will be treated like VIPs as they enjoy the Carnival Capital of the World, Rio de Janeiro!

October 12, 2011

Robinsons Giant Sale, Hear I Come!

Who says I didn't feel the wrath of Typhoon Pedring and Quiel? Well, if you'll just take a look at my shoes, you'll know that this fashionista-wannabe needs some new shoe-love! And when I say shoe-love, I need lots of them! And thank God, there's a sale coming up this weekend, the Robinsons Giant Sale! Wee!

Those typhoons brought a lot of rain and left a lot of damages, including my shoes, and since we are still on rainy season, it is important to spend wisely. So this weekend's Robinsons Giant Sale is the best answer to my budgeted salary this coming payday.

For those who didn't know yet, on this coming October 14, 15 and 16, Robinsons Malls are having the Giant Big Sale that can give us 70% discount on selected items!

I was Pulled in by Westlife's Gravity Tour

"Westlife! Westlife! Westlife!"

That was the chant that woke me up from the what-I-thought-was-a-dream feeling I had during the "Gravity Tour Concert" of Westlife here in Manila. And though it kinda made me feel like I was back in my high school days, sitting on an Upper Box B seat at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, staring with awe at this giant stage right in the middle of this venue made me realized that everything is real and is happening at real time.

I never thought that a simple wish to see these awesome boyband will come true, thanks to Orange Magazine TV for the tickets!

Just before the clock ticks to 8 in the evening, I am already at Smart-Araneta Coliseum collecting my tickets from the representative of Orange Magazine TV. And just before the the houselights are turned off, I was already seated at this awesome spot facing the stage. 

October 11, 2011

Happy Sweet 16, Enchanted Kingdom!

Would you believe that with the time passing by so quickly, our favorite world-class theme park in the country is now on it's 16th year, and yes, the magic still lives on as Enchanted Kingdom celebrates its sweet 16 through a series of spectacular happenings all over its magical place!

Last week, I was invited to take part on this grand celebration where in media personnel and online community members were treated to a day of fun, excitement and magic! 

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