The Hiatus, The Death, The Comeback

I had so many wonderful weekends this year - Guimara, Iloilo, Bacolod Weekend with superfriends, Boracay Weekend with The Angels, Tagaytay Weekend with Mama and the Northern Luzon Road Trip Weekend with The Angels again. But last weekend was different. It was a weekend of disappointment, demise and despair - a weekend I never thought would have, a weekend I would not want to experience ever again.

The Hiatus

As of this moment, I have tons of backlogs for my blogs Recycle Bin of a Middle Child, Lafanggero, Rammmpa! and Lenscapade. And I'm honestly saying that I still dunno how to start lessening them. I committed myself to quite a handful of events last weekend, but unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, I have to cancel last minute. So, for those who were expecting me on their events and didn't see me, I'm really sorry. I'll make it up next time.

Last Friday before the worst weekend succumb me and my family, I had a bad day here in the office. Our salary was delayed and I don't have enough money to get me through the day. Thankfully, I have a sister who works just some few buildings away from my workplace and lent me some money.

All those disappointments were replaced by the wonderful stageplay that I saw that night - The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music has a story of a family who loves to sing, dance and bond together - a dream family that anyone would love to have.

Sadly, now that our Papa has left us, we will never be a family anymore. :-(

The Death

October 15th, 5 o'clock in the morning, the doctor declared the death of my father, an event that made my weekend worse.

My father whose been battling with diabetes for years has finally gave in. I know that we're on that road after his eye operation, but since I'm an optimistic person, I didn't entertain the thought. But a few minutes after 4 in the morning of October 15th, as shocking as it was, I was holding his lifeless body - an image I will forever have in my mind. We rushed him to the nearest hospital, but I guess, it was really his time. :-(

My relationship with my father had gone though a lot of challenges. I had a lot of bad memories with him, but all those stuff were washed away as his death comes nearer. 

Since I'm their only child living with them at home, I had a lot of memories with him. And I will definitely miss those times.

From having a debate with him every morning about the news on the radio, to the the issues being discussed on Face to Face, to singing along with him on Eat Bulaga's singing portions, down to the late night shows which we got to watch together - Papa Al, I will miss you.

I will also miss how we tease my mom, how we eat together before I go to work and how we share our own travels. He told me once that Palawan is a very beautiful place, and by that, I will miss him when I visit that place.

This year, I learned that most of my traits were from him. From being a photo hobbyist to being a "lakwatsero". My, dear, Papa Al, thank you for passing those to me.

During the short program that we had before we finally lay him to his resting place, I gave a short eulogy, and I forgot to say this (I'm not that good in public speaking, you see)... I LOVE YOU, PAPA AL. :-(

The Comeback

Life must go on. And with my mother, older brother and younger sister, the family has to move on and enjoy life - one thing we learned from our father's life.

But before I go back to the crazy loop of work, blog events and friends' gatherings, let me first say THANK YOU to those who sympathized and showed love to me and to my family.

To my friends and my family's friends who were there and still there during this trying times, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I may not personally know all of our family's friends, but be sure that you'll be in my prayers from now until forever.

To my superfriends who went to see my father's wake, Ence, Ada, Mean, Bonsai, Mhaye, Victor, Peter, TJ and family, Angela and Annabelle, Aileen and family, thank you so much!

To the B1, Jason, Mark, Crisant, Ann, Carla, Joms, Cindy and Jigs, thank you beautiful people! Muah!

To my co-workers, Sir Jess, Sir Cary, Rio and family, Danica, JR, Arvin, Pee Jei, Joanne, Mavi, Eoms, Malu, Joy, Nico, Joan and Miss Notick, thank you all!

To my blogger-friends, Cathie, Abe, Flow, Richard, Gab, Jeman, Florencio, Rod, Myke, Enzo and Miss Xchosa, thanks for being there.

To Princess, Rueka and Ray-an, thank you my dear friends!

To those who condoled us on Facebook and Twitter, through SMS and in person, thank you guys! Hugs!

And to our neighbors and other relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, to our friends abroad,  to the friends we lost along the way but still spent sometime checking on us and to all who supported us, thank you so, so much!

My thank-yous wouldn't be that enough to return all the love that you shared to us, but I do hope that with my prayers, through our family's prayers, we can return it all back.

Another love one has left the family. And with the passing of my father, I know there'll be a lot of changes around the house, all I'm wishing to see for now are smiles on everyone's faces when you see me. Things are still not okay now, but I know, in God's time, we will be back on the loop.

Thank you, friends. I love you, my family!
Dear Lord, kayo na po bahala sa Papa ko ha. ^_^


blankPixels said...

We never had a good relationship with our dad, but I know it'll hurt us all if his "time" comes too so even though we're having issues at home, we just shrug it off 'cause of my realization that life is short - let's spend it with a smile on our faces.

I understand how painful it is, but like what you said on Facebook, life goes on. This too shall pass. *hugs*

Elmer Domingo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope you're coping well. Take care.