Cream Halloween Ball 2011

I wasn't really planning to attend any Halloween Party this year since my father's death is still a shocked to us, but I guess destiny wanted to cheer me up, or at least lessen the sadness I have in my heart, hence I got an invite to attend "The Halloween Party of the Year." First, thanks to AXE Philippines, for bringing me here and to Orange Magazine TV's editor, Jeman, for tagging me along. So, yes, welcome to Cream Halloween Ball 2011 for me! Wee!

Last Saturday was my first-ever Cream Halloween Ball. Believe it or not, I'm not a big fan of Halloween since I don't like seeing ugly looks. Thankfully, Big Fish's Cream Ball was different. There were a lot of nice costumes and more of sexy ones, which actually made my head turns every move! Haha!

Well, there were still that looked dumb, but majority looked so great and fabulous. Haha! No wonder this is the biggest Halloween Costume party as always. ^_^

With some sponsors, including AXE, we were welcomed to the great party venue, World Trade Center, in Pasay City with a bang. Freedom Music was the one who's behind the party-rocking music, so everyone had really a great night.

The party was scheduled to start at 9 in the evening, but since this a Manila party scene, we came fashionably late - just to make sure that we're not one of those early birds. Hehe.

Young and not so young people dressed up for this event making sure that they'll be one of those lucky winners of best in costume. BTW, this year's theme is The Mummy meets StarWars in Wonderland, but heck, most of the party-goers came in their most-head-turning costumes, which I really loved! Hihihi.

It was actually "name it, we got it" scene, and since I have my precious camera with me, I didn't let the night passed - I photographed every stunning creature I could catch.

From east to west, from out-of-this-world to the underworld, oh, this is indeed the greatest Halloween Party, EVER!

I'm not really expecting so much from this party since I don't wanna disappoint myself that night, but I'm honestly saying that I had a blast despite of me attending in my regular self - meaning no costume at all. Hehe.

Another exciting thing that I enjoyed that night was, since this is "The Halloween Party of the Year", I saw some familiar friendly faces. ^_^

From blogger friends to friendly celebrities I've met before. ^_^ Everybody happy!

But of course, the really highlight of the night was the wowing disco music shared to us by world-renowned DJs such as John Paul Lee, Giuseppe Ottaviani (Vandit Records), W&W (Armada) and MC Lavoce WonderLand.

Oh, IT WAS A BLAST! Especially, when the laser lights started to fill the whole venue! Everyone went wild!

Happy Halloween to its finest! Thank you, AXE Philippines, for this wonderful Halloween treat!
Thanks too to Big Fish for always giving the best of the best party scene in town! I can't wait to attend your next party! Keep rocking the world!

More pictures on Recyle Bin of a Middle Child Fan Page! ^_^

Happy Halloween, everyone! ^_^


SunnyToast said...

not a bad decision to attend such party and sorry to hear about your dad.For sure he is happy seeing you like that...drs more to life! said...

love the blog! smile alex. life is short to not move on and be happy.

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