The Wideout Halloween Reanimation Beer Bash

On the eve of the Hallow's, I was invited to take part on one of the hippest Halloween happening in town. I wasn't really expecting much since I'm not really familiar with Wideout, but heck, the event surprised me with tons of people who are Androis OS fans drinking beer and enjoying the sounds of Il Ponticello in Makati City.

For those who are also unaware of Wideout, well, here's what I learned after talking to some of the staff of this Google-related company. Wideout Technology Services Incorporated is an outsourcing company that specializes in rich media, creative design, ad operation, malware analysis, QA, and web and application development, some of them are Android-related games for our Android phones.

It was actually a shock to us learning that stuff. We really didn't know that some of our Android applications of our Android phones were created by Pinoys.

Good job, guys! Keep up the good work!

Anyways, this Halloween Reanimation Beer Bash was actually a treat to the team and to the tons of Android fans who believe in them. And lucky us, we were invited! Wee!

The Barako Blogger-friends ;-P

I'm an Android-phone user and I must say that I love it. With its free and cool apps, I can't help but to enjoy it even on wee hours. And with Android's unlimited cool apps, Wideout had the unlimited beer for this Halloween party. Hehe.

Everyone was almost in costume, ready to party and drink all night. And as a photographer, I enjoyed taking pictures all night.

There was also a band that harmonized the mood and some cool freebies that we got to take home. One of them is this cool Android cookie that I enjoyed when I got back home. Hehe.

They also raffled off an Android phone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Unfortunately, I didn't win it. Heheh. But anyways congratulations to the winners!

To checkout more about Wideout, just visit

Thanks, Wideout! May you guys keep rocking the Web! ^_^
Cheers and happy Halloween!

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