Nuvali's The BetterDog Games 2011

One sunny Saturday, I got to witness one of the cutest and lovable competition I've ever been into. We're not talking about women here who are vying for a crown, nor children who are competing one another for a title. But rather I'm talking about the cutest and cuddliest man's best friend... And they are not just cute and cuddly, they are the better dogs too!

On its third year, The BetterDog's Canine Behavior Center holds their annual pet competition that tested the skills of their favorite pet dogs at the place where people and nature thrive, NUVALI, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last October 22 and 23.

Featuring the Philippine Dog Agility Association (PDAA), dog owners from Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Manila gathered for this annual pet-loving competition that showcases not only their dogs' admirable physiques but also their mental alertness and capability to face every obstacles.

I got to meet some of the people behind this event, one of them is Mr. Jojo Isonera who's been in to this dog thing since 2002. 

There's also Mr. Jeff Perry who flew in from Texas, USA just to be a part of this event. He is also scheduled to do a disc dog clinic and officiate the SkyHoundz Disc Dog Competition, which is a first in our country for this two-day competition.

Then, I also got to meet Miss Adrienne Lim, President of Penang Dog Agility Association. She was scheduled to be one of the judges for the Dog Agility Competition.

Another international guest that the competition had for that day was a Toty Collie trainer named Rayna Stout, who was with her awesome dog Lyric.

The BetterDog Games 2011 featured four exciting dog sports that we all enjoyed watching. There's the SkyHoundz Disc Dog Competition, the Dog Agility Competition, the K9 Nosework and the Rally Obedience.

In SkyHoundz Disc Dog Competition, dog and their owner will compete one another through Frisbee distance catching and Frisbee freestyle catching in choreographed routines. While for the Dog Agility Competition, dogs will race for time and accuracy through a series of obstacles that they have to go through. As for the K9 Nosework, dogs are required to locate a target odor through a variety of environments. And lastly, the Rally Obedience will test the docility of the dogs through a series of exercises, including sits, downs, figure 8's and 360-degree turns.

I got to meet a lot of dog owners, as well as their dogs, too that morning and I whole-heartily enjoyed knowing how they managed to control their pets. Some dogs were actually disable, but with the help and patience of their wonderful owners, they managed to live normally.

I do have some personal favorites and they really stole my heart. Hehe. Now, I'm thinking of having a dog again. ^_^

I wasn't able to finish the whole event, but I was able to capture some memorable scenes that will encourage more pet owners to join on this fun game for pets. ^_^

dog-form clouds at Nuvali

To know more about BetterDog Games, visit or you can call them at 886-5918.

To BetterDog and to all of the participants, congratulations!
Paws up! Rawr! ^_^

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SunnyToast said...

I miss our dogs...grh but I'm happy that soon I'll be having my own dog:) yehey:)

They are really man's best friend:)