Nivea Men Silver Protect and the Bloggers Nightout!

Last week, I, and 20-plus male bloggers. were invited to experience a fun and combative night of laser tagging  at LazerXtreme, Market! Market!, Taguig City! And together with the latest product from Nivea, the Nivea Silver Protect, we managed to stay dry and smelling really, really good.

Before the laser tagging starts, Nivea team introduced to us their latest product that is specifically made for men who are always on the go, may it be for work or for play. Nivea Silver Protect is created for men to keep dry and smelling good even on extreme conditions. And I think with what we've just gone through that night, I can say that this product proves its testament.

The bloggers' laser tagging competition was scheduled for two rounds. Most of us were kinda first-timers, so I'd say that the game was quite fair then. The instructions on how to play game was pretty simple, and so with three teams ready to take the laser tag arena, the game started.

I was a member of the Blue Team. There were around 9 members each, so the arena was kinda crowded for us, but nonetheless we all enjoyed it.

The first round went by so fast. I didn't perform well on the first round, so by time the alarm went off as a signal for the start of the second round, I managed to control my laser gun and hide at the same time. It was that time that I realize what does Nivea Silver Protect's silver ion is for, in times like this, sweat will surely poured out like hell from you, but with Nivea Silver Protect, you'll feel secured and dry all time.

The result... Well, my performance improved, but unfortunately, the rest of the team didn't go that well. Our team ended up last, with Green Team as the best team and seconded by the Red Team.

Nivea Men Deodorant Silver Protect is the first deodorant with silver ions that fights body odor by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Thus, it gives a dry, woody aromatic scent (with citrus top notes), which smells as fresh at the end of a long day as when it’s first applied.

After that grueling, fun activity, we were treated to a hearty dinner that was somehow turned into an acquaintance-sort-of-party. Hehe. Really fun night!

Nivea Men Silver Protect is available in 25ml Roll-on for Php55.00, 50ml Roll-on for only Php 95.00 and 150ml Spray for Php 180.00.

If you wanna experience the same thrilling fun of the game that we had, check out Nivea For Men Philippines fan page, and who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners of Php10,000.00 or some Nivea For Men gift packs!

Enjoy ans stay dry and smelling good!
Thank you, Nivea!

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