Are You Ready for the Halloween Weekend?

For those who are still wondering where to go this coming Halloween LONG Weekend, well, I have three exciting suggestions for you. And I'm sure that with these suggestions you'll have a "somehow" clear view where to head up and how to dress up. Hehehe. The one will scare you and get you drunk, the other one will scare you and make you dance and the last one will scare and take you to the forest! How about that? Now, your curious... :-P

Okay, the first one will be happening on October 31st, Halloween Day, at Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito at No. 84, Scout Tuason corner E. Lopez Sr. Drive, Quezon City.

Guests are advised to wear scary costumes for this party. The door charge is Php300.00 and it goes with 2 cocktail drinks. Puresounds and DJ Bryan will be rocking the house, so make sure that you are wearing your scariest costume to freak someone out. Get drunk, too! Haha!

This is one Halloween Party you should't miss in the metropolis!

P.S. Patio Carlito offers sumptuous Pinoy dishes, so don't worry if you party too hard, you'll get your sanity back once you tasted their dishes. Hehe.

For my second suggestion, if you want an out-of-this country Halloween experience, well, there's one of the hottest foodie spots in town, Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar, offering a unique Haloween Party experience. Dubbed as Dia De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead, one will surely have a fun night enjoying their delicious Chihuarita (Chihuahua Margarita) while swaying to the sexy beat of Salsa. Oh, boy, make sure that you are wearing comfortable dancing shoes here because I just saw a video of their salsa night, and it is S-T-E-A-M-Y! ^_^

Dia De Los Muertos features DJ Felipe Bari, who hails from El Salvador, Prodigy Mambo, Cachimbo Dance Company, Salsa Manila and Maria Molina together with Dominican Honeyz.

Scare-Dancing starts at 10 in the evening til 5 in the morning. Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is at 7838 Makati Avenue, Makati City.

And, oh, don't forget to try their Tex-Mex dishes, sinfully and steaming-ly delicious!!! ^_^

My last suggestion suits to those who wanna take their Halloween to a different level. And by different level, I mean, in the forest!

Yes! On its second year, one my most love places here in the country, Zoobic Safari, offers a thrilling and spine-tingling dark experience with their Zoobic Safari Night.

If you think that having a close encounter with those tigers at daylight is already scary, try seeing them eye to eye during night. I experienced it last year, and I would love to experience it again this year. Those tigers are indeed mystical at night, and along side with the other animals at this magical park, kids and kids at heart will enjoy this Halloween treat!

According to our friends from Zoobic Safari, they'll be adding more attractions this year, so they assure me that this year's Halloween treat will be more exciting and scary than last year. And, yes, I love scary stuff, so I might see this one again!!! Now, I'm excited! Hahaha!

I know I kinda confused now with all these exciting stuff, but I have a great plan for all you who are planning to go to all of these happenings. First, since Dia De Los Muertos is only up on the 29th, go there first! Go and get drunk there and do some salsa, just don't forget to take video of your dancing and all, alright? Then, since all you'll have at Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is either beer or margarita, you won't be having too much hangover, so you can drive up north to see the Zoobic Safari Night. It's just some 3-hour drive, so you'll make it up there. Hehe. And since it's long weekend, snooze all your Monday morning then by afternoon, get dressed - scary dressed- and attend the Halloween party at Patio Carlito. If you wanna have dinner there, the better. They have a huge lounge there, so you'll have enough space for those outfits and food. Lastly, don;t forget to bring friends! Party wouldn't be called party without someone people around you, and it is best to party alongside beautiful and lovely friends. ^_^

There! I hope I'd be of a great help to you this coming Halloween Weekend!

Enjoy and stay safe! Happy Halloween!

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