I was Pulled in by Westlife's Gravity Tour

"Westlife! Westlife! Westlife!"

That was the chant that woke me up from the what-I-thought-was-a-dream feeling I had during the "Gravity Tour Concert" of Westlife here in Manila. And though it kinda made me feel like I was back in my high school days, sitting on an Upper Box B seat at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, staring with awe at this giant stage right in the middle of this venue made me realized that everything is real and is happening at real time.

I never thought that a simple wish to see these awesome boyband will come true, thanks to Orange Magazine TV for the tickets!

Just before the clock ticks to 8 in the evening, I am already at Smart-Araneta Coliseum collecting my tickets from the representative of Orange Magazine TV. And just before the the houselights are turned off, I was already seated at this awesome spot facing the stage. 

The excitement kept on building up with every chant that includes the name of the boyband, an awesome experience that I couldn't resist to join in.

After an hour of waiting the show started. I've been a fan of Westlife since high school. Their charm, awesome voice and good looks are just some of things that I thought worth-attending to - and worth-seeing in person.

I was kinda expecting a really banging opening number, but since we were in Smart-Araneta Center, where audio and other video props are always "technical problem", their opening song "When You Are Looking Like That" started off a little "bitin". Nonetheless, the crowd seemed to enjoyed it, so the fun continues.

"When You Are Looking Like That" was then followed by one of my my favorite songs by them, "World of Our Own. By this time, the crowd were happily singing along , as this one, as I said, is a favorite from the band. Then, that song was followed by some of their latest songs like “What Makes a Man” and “Safe”. They finished off their first set with their version of the heart-warming song “Home", which is a Michael Buble original.

As they went back on stage with a more casual outfits, the crowd couldn't help but to shriek at the sight of these Irish lads, who are then ready to sing "My Love." In all honesty, this is my ultimate favorite song from the boys, and believe it or not, I still have this "last song syndrome" on it. Hehehe.

Before they sing their next song, the guys prepared a little game for their fans. They asked those who came with banners to raise their banners up so that they could read them. And just like that, they picked four lucky fans from the crowd that carries the most catchy thoughts.

The first fan who went up on stage had this on her banner -  “Nicky, I want twins, can I have your genes?” The next one, another girl, had this for Kian -  “Kian, is it hot in here or is it just you?” But the one that made laugh so hard was the banner that had this message for Mark - “Mark, kiss me.” I laughed because when the face was revealed, it was from A GUY ! Hahaha!

The four lucky fans were luckier when Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky serenaded them with the song "Beautiful. We were all soooo "inggit" with them, really! Hehehe.

The boys quickly took off from the stage for a costume change and when they came back, they were on these very cute Mickey Mouse shirts that, I believe, all fans adored. 

With those more casual outfits, we got to witness them sing and dance to the tunes of "Viva La Vida," which is an original from Coldplay, "Only Girl" of Rihanna, "The Time – Dirty Bit" of The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Kian took the spotlight on this part.

I didn't know that they dance that well. They were all so sexy when they shake their booties, oooh, worth all the screams!!! Hahaha!

We were then had a breather when the guys take us back to the memory lane with their songs "You Raise Me Up”, “Seasons in the Sun”, “I am Already There”, “I Will Reach You”, and “Flying Without Wings”. It was my first time to see them live, and Marky, the one who has this heavenly voice reminded me of Jed Madela. He was really, really great!

The handsome lads said their farewell thanks when they came back onstage with their last outfit change. By that time, the crowd was tamed down because of the obvious little bit of sadness, but when they guys started singing their what-we-thought last song, "What About Now", everyone sung along.

Nicky once expressed their wish to have a duet with our Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao, unfortunately, the congressman didn't make it to their concert so they just segued telling the crowd to watch out for their upcoming single with our other world-class artist Charice.

We thought we will be leaving Smart-Araneta Coliseum hanging with that last song, but when we all heard that familiar beat, almost everyone on the VIP section jumped for joy. "Uptown Girl" ended this very successful concert with a bang!

Everyone left the venue humming that last song and with a smile and contentment of seeing one of the the world's most favorite band.

Thank you, Westlife, for sharing to your Filipino fans your talents! You are always welcome here!
Thank you again to Orange Magazine TV for this wonderful experience! And special tahnk to my superfriend Ence, for lettingme use some of her pictures. She is "mayaman" so she was at the VIP section. Hahaha!

Keep listening and enjoying music, guys! Rock on!

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Ria Hazel said...

inggit much! :))

I love Shane! Super fan niya ko before. I miss High School hehehe :))