One Artistic Night at F*ART (Fashion Art)

A few days ago, I was invited by Miss Viva Andrada to check out the art exhibit happening at their F*ART (Fashion Art) store in Quezon City. Upon meeting Miss Viva at their place, she immediately introduced me to the man behind the exhibit, Mr. Meneer Marcelo, who is her friend and a graphic artist professor at Mapua Institute of Technology.

To be honest, it was my first time to attend such event, so I'm kinda clueless as to what will happen. Thankfully, the organizers, as well as the other guests were kind and cool, so I really had one great, artistic night.

Mr. Meneer Marcelo

Before the small program started, I got a chance to check out the art pieces displayed on the wall of of F*ART, and with a theme of portraiture or head drawings, my favorite thing on photography too, I had a wonderful glimpse on each of the students "masterpieces".

Made up of different medium, they managed to put up one inspiring exhibit that I really appreciated. Though I have some favorites, I should say that after knowing that the students came from different fields, different ages and  different walks of life, each of their creation tells a story and insight that is just purely overwhelming.

I'm no good in sketching or drawing, so I find every piece amazing. The color, the angle and the impact were just  as stunning as they are supposed to be.

After some few minutes and as all the guests came in, we were asked to take our seats and enjoy the night further with the little program they prepared for us.

Mr. Meneer welcomed all the guests and made a short introduction as to why we were all there, then he introduced a guy who plays a two-string guitar, Diwa De Leon.

I've been to a lot of gatherings, but it was my first time to meet a guy who plays such an instrument. He calls it "hegano" and he plays it with an electronic/pop music from his iPod to create a unique and artistic music.

To be honest, the music was really nice, and he played hegano really, really well! Nice to meet you, sir!
After that, we were also entertained by a beat-boxing guy whom I forgot the name. Hihi. My apologies. ^_^

And the last performer for the night, to my surprise, was the guy I've been following before at, Toto Sorioso.

Oh, it was one simple but very inspiring night! I love it! I love how I was surrounded by people who love art and really, really give high respect to it.

As a treat after the short program, Miss Viva toured me around the shop - the thing I've been longing to do since I stepped inside of it. Hehe. You see, since that Happy Andrada's fashion show some years ago, I've been longing to pay a visit to F*ART. And now that I'm here, and with Miss Viva touring me around and taking my pictures, I think, it was one of my lucky nights as a blogger. Hehehe.

I love how awesome, how chic and how lovely the place is. I saw a lot interesting stuff in there that you my readers would love to know about too, so here, I'm sharing them all to you.

Congratulations to Sir Meneer and to all of his students! Keep up the good work you guys!I can wait to see more of your works soon! ^_^

And to Miss Viva and F*ART (Fashion Art), thank you for the invites and for the warm accommodation. I had a wonderful night checking out your place and I promise to be back - with my friends soon! ^_^

To know more about Mr. Meneer Marcelo, you can check out his works and his other stuff at and for F*ART (Fashion Art), just go here


Anonymous said...

the beat boxer's name is THOR. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks :)