Spoil Your Sole in Rio Carnival

Pinoy flip-flop lovers, here your chance to enjoy a luxurious trip abroad as Ipanema, one of the world's most-loved slippers, brings another exciting and captivating promo that will take you and your friend to the beautiful place called Brazil!

In every pair of Ipanema slippers that you buy, you will receive a printed promo code that you'll need to put in your raffle entry form that can be found at Ipanema Philippines Facebook Fan Page. One winner will win a seven-days and six-night vacation to the colorful and lovely country of Brazil. The lucky winner and his chosen friend will be treated like VIPs as they enjoy the Carnival Capital of the World, Rio de Janeiro!

A part of this amazing treat that they'll receive from winning on this amazing promo is getting a chance to dance all night with samba music, parade with real samba schools, or even  join thousands of travel enthusiasts in celebrating the world’s biggest carnival, Rio de Janeiro CarnivalCarnival tickets will be provided for them to witness and participate in the celebration for two days, and during the parade days, a round trip "limousine service" with an English-speaking tour guide will assist them. Now, that's what I call PARTY!!!

The winning team will also experience a series of tours to the breath-taking landscapes of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corocovado, and Petropolis. And lastly, a total of USD1,000.00 (USD500.00 per person) will be given as their pocket money! Kaching-kaching!

Spoil Your Sole in Rio Carnival raffle promo is open to all Filipino citizens and flip-flops lovers who have resided in the Philippines for at least a year now. The next thing they need is a pair of Ipanema slippers to have the chance of winning! The more Ipanema pairs, the more chances of winning is what I can suggest. Hehe.

This promo runs from today til December 31, 2011 only. And the raffle draw will be held on January 3, 2012 at 4pm. 

So, hurry, and head to your favorite Ipanema store and avail of this once-in-a-lifetime of experience - an experience that entails you to the wonderful world of Rio!

Good luck! ^_^

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