AirAsia Allstars Bid the Year Goodbye With Holiday Stories 30,000ft Above Ground

New Year’s Eve has got to be one of the most cathartic holidays. It signifies both farewell to the old and hello to the new. It is a time of reflection and celebration of both challenges faced and successes achieved, and the anticipation of a far better year ahead – and for Filipinos it is best welcomed with families and loved ones. 

It is, however, a fact that not everyone can be with their loved ones during this time as some have to be at work so that people may be reunited with their families back home. Airasia Allstars, for instance, partake in such holidays just like how they report to work on a regular day – staying committed to bringing world's best service to our guests especially during the holidays. But as AirAsia cultivates a familial culture, Allstars find ways to innovate and make every moment special with valued guests, while fulfilling their duties on ground or even 30,000 feet above sea level. Below are some Allstars that regale fond holiday memories up high in the sky. 

Up for the holiday cheer 

Cabin Crew Thalia is among those that needed to be on board on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year. To ensure everyone reporting in the aircraft does not miss a fun holiday family celebration, it has been an Allstar tradition for quite some time to pack food that they can share with each other. Thalia shares, “While enjoying our simple feast, we greet each other and share our plans for the coming year”. 

Unbeknown to Thalia, she and the entire crew were in for a good holiday treat – courtesy of a very special passenger in 2018. “At first, we thought it was just a coincidence that he happened to dress that way, but during our short conversation with him, we found out that he really does impersonate Santa Claus. We took photos together, sang and danced to our passengers and the rest was joy and laughter,” recollects Thalia of the time they had an actual Santa Claus among their passengers. 

This special flight has made Thalia realize that holiday cheer can be spread by everyone, with or without a Santa hat.

AirAsia and the Filipino Family

Jorina Contapay comes from a family that is tightly knit. Counting down to New Year has always been a family affair as it coincides with her father’s birthday. But on the New Year’s Eve of 2019, Jorina needed to report to work to assist AirAsia guests – a year-end duty she did not expect will be completely special. 

Jorina assisted an elderly woman trying to check in. “I can never forget this one passenger who was struggling with her travel requirements, and was so eager to go home to her family. She was crying that time while pleading at the counter,” Jorina remembered. 

“I helped her with her requirements and waited until she boarded the flight. Before she left, she thanked me with teary eyes, greeting me a blessed new year, and full of joy knowing that she will be able to see her family again” Jorina added. This reminded Jorina how through her work, she is able to spread the very same holiday cheer that she gets from her family – bringing her the fulfillment and the drive to man every counter with dedication and the AirAsia hallmark of guest-obsessed service. 

Family Time Aboard AirAsia

Commonly called “Daddy Jhong”, Captain Raymund Murillo is known for being family-oriented, compassionate and generous to his colleagues. Often during his flights, Captain Raymund treats the cabin crew with food as a reward for their hard work and dedication. And on holidays, he also joins the cabin crew’s on board activities and entertainment where he buys gifts for the passengers.

During his year-end flight to Korea way back 2018 pre-pandemic, he came across a family with the brightest smiles as they boarded the aircraft. Captain greeted the family and the kids, as he always does in his flights. “I’m always happy to see kids during my flights. They remind me of my youngest son who is a person with Down Syndrome,” Captain Murillo shared.

“The family approached the cabin crew and asked permission to enter the flight deck to have a photo with me. Without a word, I invited them. I was smiling when I saw how amazed the kids were. That’s one of most memorable moments I experienced in my flying career”, he added.  

This 2022, Thalia, Jorina and Captain Raymund join the entire AirAsia family in hoping for better skies with more destinations open and more passengers on board. They reiterated their commitment to participating actively in the reopening of more regional flights and in helping AirAsia Philippines achieve optimum operations. 

AirAsia is optimistic on the better days ahead for the aviation sector and tourism industry. It commits to flying more guests safely this 2022, supporting the rebound of industries, and attending to more guests’ needs – going beyond what’s expected of an airline company.

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