Time to Achieve that Goal (and More) with HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro

For the past couple of months, I’m honestly saying that I’ve been struggling with my eating habit and weight problem. Two reasons that have been causing me all these troubles are the lack of time to do home workouts and the closure of gyms, where I’m most of the time motivated to run and do some other gym stuff. Good thing, I’m surrounded by good people who never fails to motivate me and push me to go healthy and happy.

Lately, I’ve been catching up with my exercise routines at home, while slowly decreasing my calorie intake to balance my diet and exercise. Aside from that, I’m acquainting my self with some exercising tools at home that can help me achieve my goals – this includes my new favorite HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro.
Did you know that this new innovation from HUAWEI is more than just a weighing scale? With better understanding of people’s need and aspirations, HUAWEI was able to come up with a scale that not just measure our weight but also check and measure the condition of our heart, nerves and some other parts that can provide us better understanding of our body and its system.
With its eight dual-frequency electrodes equipped with upgraded measurement algorithms, it can deliver greater precision configuration that gives me that accurate readings and measurements that I need in my fitness journey. Then, there’s also the HUAWEI TruFitTM 2.0, which was developed by HUAWEIN in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Hefei Institute of Material Science. Through these innovations, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro can record accurate measurement of body fat.

For more precise reading and maximize use of HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro, you can simply connect it to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. By downloading the HUAWEI Health App on your smartphone, you can enjoy its professional-grade body composition analysis reports that delivers scientific upgrade to measurement accuracy. It can also provide you with an analysis of 22 different professional indicators, helping me to know the areas where I need to shed fat, build muscle and even regulate my exercise in a healthier way to avoid potential health risks.
Aside from its features, the new HUAWEi Scale 3 Pro marks a new standard of smart scale with its sophisticated and credible look and style that you will surely love. with its sleek and integrated design, expect for more relaxed and upgraded experience that you and your family can enjoy. Made with versatile design with a matt texture, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro comes in this inviting color and form that you will love to use from time to time. The innovative design is made to deliver an all-around high-quality aesthetic with practical details sharing the best of both style and functionality.

Currently, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro is available in Mystic Blue color and retailed at PHP3,999.

You may visit https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/accessories/scale-3-pro/buy/for more details.

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