#AlexReviews: HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro

Nowadays, a lot of people are starting to create a place in their house where they can do some of the things they used to do outside. From setting up work space at home, some have also started their garden corner, or barista corner and for health and fitness enthusiasts, there’s home gym corner.

With these adjustments in our lifestyles, HUAWEI is keeping up with the changing needs and aspirations of its customers by providing efficient and friendly tools that can help us achieve our goals. From smartphones, laptops, tablets, earphones and watches, HUAWEI makes sure that every single thing that create will be beneficial to everyone.

And because of this, HUAWEI recently launched their latest version of HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro - a new smart scale that aims to provide detailed body information at home.

Classy Design to Provide More and Accurate Information
Unlike its predecessors, and probably any other scale at this size available in the market, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro takes pride on its ergonomic aesthetic providing convenience and comfort to it users. Comes with an adjustable hand grip that helps provide accurate details of body composition, this latest innovation is made with a tempered glass panel that shares painting impression of a sunrise creating an impeccable and elegant look. The frosted glass surface is coated with transparent ITO film, which improves conductivity. The smart LED display automatically turns off when not in use, lighting up as soon as you step on the scale through the powers of a three Double A battery.

Meanwhile, the bottom part is composed of short scale feet that effectively prevents it from overturning when used. Thanks to its upper half, which is composed of wear-resistant ABS and the pad made with anti-skid silicone rubber.

Connects Like No Other
The power to calculate and report our body composition is made possible by its strong connectivity that can be easily done through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

One important thing to take note upon purchasing this item is that you must download the HUAWEI Health App. Through this app, you can easily record and monitor your daily loss and gain that can help you with your health and fitness journey. Capable of identifying multiple users based on previous measurements, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro provides private, user-specific data, as well as Visitor Mode, through its Smart Recognition mechanism that allows users to key-in basic information - such as gender, height, and age - with none of the data or measurements being stored.

Top of the Line Data and Measurement

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro stands out due to its eight dual-frequency electrodes that comes with upgraded measurement algorithms delivering accurate configuration and game-changing performance. Through this innovation, users can easily measure both lower and upper limbs giving much more precise, full-body data. It also calculates body fat and water levels via bioelectrical impedance analysis, which conventional smart scales fall short.

In just one click at HUAWEI Health App, users are guaranteed with professional-grade body composition analysis reports that deliver scientific upgrade to measurement accuracy. It also 22 different professional indicators that can help users shed fat, build muscle and even regulate their fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Some of the key indicators that HUAWEI Scale 3 pro can measure includes BMI, Body Fat Rate, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Limb Skeletal Muscle, Visceral Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Heart Rate.

As the world continues to fight the spread of COVID-19, HUAWEI helps us to keep us healthy and fit with their latest innovations and offerings. To know more about HUAWEI Scale 3 pro, you can visit https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/accessories/scale-3-pro/.

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