A Celebration of Asian Flavors at Shopee!

No one can deny the fact how colorful and aromatic Asian cuisines are – from the sumptuous Singapore, to the alluring and head-turner street food of Thailand, to the warm and cozy soups of Vietnam, to the captivating flavors Malaysia, to the homey comfort food of the Philippines, to the other spectacular delicacies of other Asian countries – there’s something to enjoy and devour anywhere you go here. And since of these countries are still limiting entrance to their borders, what better way to reminisce those delectable flavors than to cook them on our own!

I know, I know, some of these are not that easy to make – but with the right recipe and good ingredients, I bet you can make one for you and your loved ones, as if you all went out to travel Asia.

Recently, Shopee partners with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to celebrate ASEAN’s 54th Founding Anniversary. With this, Shopee launches its second ASEAN Online Sale Day, which runs from August 8 to 10 and showcases the best brands and products across the region.

Through this initiative, Shopee provides Mondial88 Trading Corporation with a platform to highlight its proudly ASEAN products on the regional stage including its famous Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Fried Noodles.

Since it hit the market in the Philippines, this has been a comfort food to many Filipino who are seeking a quick relief from their hunger. Available in two variants – Original and Hot and Spicy – this Halal Certified Instant Noodles is now made available through Mondial88 Trading Corporation’s Shopee store along with its other products.

I must say that when I first tried this noodle, I didn’t expect it to be that good, knowing that we have a local brand that we’re kind of accustomed already. But apparently, my love for Asian food has grown and this instant version of Indonesia’s Mi Goreng could easily captivate my love for comfort food.

Mondial88 takes pride of its Instant Noodles being 100% Halal Certified and suitable for vegetarians. And as a treat to everyone who are avoiding crowded supermarkets now, Shopee and Mondial88 offer to their customers various options to bring home this amazing flavor. You can now avail famous Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Fried Noodles in pack of 5 (PHP62.00), pack of 10 (PHP135), two variants in pack of 20 (PHP and pack of 40 (PHP500.00).
You can check out Mondial88 Shopee Store for more Asian-inspired meals and ingredients that can surely delight your loved ones. Also, expect from more promos and deals from Shopee as the ASEAN Online Sale continues.
Stay safe and happy Shopee-ing!

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