Say It Louder with INSPI Statement Shirt from Shopee!

After more than a year of learning about this clothing brand, INSPI, has been one of my go-to casual wear shops on Shopee. Aside from its affordability, its nice and comfortable cotton quality added a great convenience to each shirt, jacket, short and sweat pants that you can purchase from its store in Shopee. Though the style, may look common, the statement that each shirt makes each piece stand out.

From quirky, Biblical, music and even advocacy - anything that you find popular nowadays, INSPI carries it in their line of statement shirts that kids and adults may find soothing to their style and comfort. I wouldn't deny that I got hooked on the brand because of these and statements, and since I find them cool and comfortable to wear, I tend to recommend this to my family and friends who are looking for a nice shirt, especially during these times where we are staying at home most of the time.

And lately, as I browse TikTok, I was surprised to see so many kids now wearing their shirts, while grooving to the trending dance video. Here are the four items that I find in their store that I thought you might like too:

If you are Army like I do, I'm sure that these oversized shirts with BTS song titles will excite you and will make you want to have it in your next social media post - since we can't go out yet. Carrying BTS' six top hits such as Mic Drop, Run, DNA, Black Swan, Fake Love and one of the world's top hits, Butter. these shirts are available in black and white color, with silk-screen prints on both sides of the shirt.

If you are into manga or just love Japanese prints, these oversized shirts that carry huge prints depicting the culture of Japan will surely add some unique character to your style and aura. Available in eight artistic designs, these oversized shirts are available in color black, which highlights the nice graphic it carries in both the front and the back portions of the shirt.

For more interesting designs that carry Japan's colorful arts and culture, this other set of oversized shirts emphasize those of Tokyo's quirky style and modern art that create deeper character and strength to the wearer. The graffiti-like designs are perfect to make a statement while staying cool and casual.

Lastly, since cold days are here and staying cozy at home is not an excuse to wear some jackets, this Korean inspired jacket. An added style and comfort suited for both men and women, these athletic jackets are made of cotton, to create that stylish yet comfortable look.

For other apparel and accessories, you may visit INSPI shop at Shopee. Since it's still 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, you can still avail discount on some of their items that will surely delight you more. Happy Shopee-ing!

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