Rediscovering the Wonders of Bukidnon at Backwell by BBZ in Makati

My trip in Bukidnon back in 2013 is as vivid as the laughter and excitement we enjoyed when we visit the province. We only see the pineapple farms and Dahilayan Park back then, but I considered the province as one of the most beautiful and peaceful that I've ever been to here in the Philippines.

And recently, together with some friends, my memory brought me back to this province as I discover and indulge on some of the the amazing dishes shared to us by Backwell in BBZ in Poblacion Makati.

Located along Kalayaan Avenue, near the famous hangout street of Poblacion and at the back of Rockwell, hence the name Backwell, this place offers a satisfying take on some of our local favorites with the use of local ingredients from the humble provinces of the Philippines, highlighting the bests from Bukidnon. 

Backwell takes pride on being the only licensed distributor of Beer Below Zero or BBZ in the Philippines, and because of this, most the the appetizing dish that we tried on our visit here are those that go well with beer. starting with their version of Calamari.

Calamari - Php348.00

This deep-fried fresh squid dish comes with Backwell's homemade Pomodoro and tartar sauce that add zest and creamy touch to the crunchy and chewy squid. A little pricey, I think, but with it's taste and serving size, this is good start for a more fun dining experience here at Blackwell.

Wagyu Tapa - Php358.00

For those who are looking for a better start, Blackwell's Wagyu Tapa is a good appetizer or "ulam" when dining here at Blackwell. Created out of the goodness of Australian Wagyu Beef, this dish is so eye-catching for me since it was also topped with garlic chips.

Putok Batok - Php578.00

Torn between which chicharon to order, make no mistake with Blackwell's Putok Batok set. A sumptuous combination of pork chicharon, chicken skin, chicharong bulaklak with sinamak vinegar at its center, this nerve-racking dish presents nothing but the best crunch for the coldest beer in town. My God, that chicken skin is to die for! Hahaha! Just kidding, eat moderately, guys!

Crispy Pata - Php898.00

You want more crunch, Blackwell's Crispy Pata shares a fork-tender deep-fried pork knucles goodness that goes so well its sinamak vinegar dip. Perfect for a group of 4-6 persons, this is the ultimate cold beer-partner that you shouldn't miss!

Tomahawk - Php4,998.00

To our surprise, not only that Blackwell's Tomahawk taste so good, but it also comes in a very good price! Made of U.S. Prime tomahawk steak, this dish is priced less that Php5,000 despite of its gigantic size. Served with au jus, horse radish cream and vegetables, it was a party to be around this beauty.

Our visit at Blackwell was highlighted with the introduction to Hinelaban, Bukidnon's wondrous offering, starting with its adlai.

high-protein, gluten-free grain, which is now considered  a healthy substitute for rice. Adlai is a white, rice-like grain high in fiber and has low glycemic index.

During our visit at Blackwell, foodie Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina's Kitchen, prepared some appetizing dishes with the use of adlai. I must say, those dishes tasted so great that somehow brought me back to the beautiful province of Bukidnon.

Chicken Liver Adlai

Served in a pallera, Chicken Liver Adlai offers that sumptuous and healthy take on adlai and chicken liver topped with more chunks of chicken liver, fresh tomato and parsley. I super love this dish.Just like the real rice when over cooked, it gives that crunchy goodness that would make you crave for more. 

I'm just not sure if this is on the menu, but I believe they'd be offering this soon.

Adlai Goto

Another sumtuous adlai meal that was prepared to us by Miss Sabrina was this Adlai Goto that shares that oozing turmeric rice goodness. topped with chicken mean, fresh salted egg, onion springs and saffron. Tastier that the real goto, this dish was made more hearty due to the full grain offered by adlai. A perfect pick-upper, I wouldn't mind having this one even if I'm not sick.

Pechay Salad

I think all of the dishes that Miss Sabrina that day was a hit. And together with those adlai dishes, she also shared to us this healthy, affordable and really good Pechay Salad. To be honest, I didn't know that it was just pechay when I ate it. All along, I thought those greens were lettuces. The dressing fooled us, and I don't mind being fooled if is this good!

Capping off our wondrous experience here at Blackwell was another Hinelaban, Bukidnon's pride - the Hinelaban Coffee.

Cappuccino is Php165.00

Apple Pie

Aside from its beautiful landscape and captivating weather and people, indeed, there's so much to love about Bukidnon. But if you don't have the luxury yet to travel down south, well, you can easily visit Backwell by BBZ fro some heartwarming Bukidnon-inspired goodness that you'll love to do again and again.

Thank you, Backwell by BBZ! I can't wait to hangout there again and enjoy another weekend of sumptuous treats!

Happy eating, everyone!

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