Technolux Leads 1st Cleaning & Laundry Show 2019

In the old days, we have to hire someone to do our laundry, spend some time waiting for it to dry before you could iron and finally wear or use your clothes, linens, towels or curtains. But nowadays, with the advent of modern technology and with the fast-changing lifestyle of everyone, not only high-laundry machines are available in the market, these machines have evolve to something ergonomical, environment-friendly and even economical.

Last day, I was surprised to see an exhibit at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City carrying the title "1st Cleaning & Laundry Show 2019." An exhibit that highlights the growing business of laundry shops in the country, one of the brands that welcomed the exhibit's guests is the industry leader, Technolux.

Who would've thought that the profession teased by many people back then could turnout to be a good business that will grow exponentially due to the fast-phase lifestyle of the people?

Technolux Equipment & Supply Corporation, an industry leader and the country’s largest importer and supplier of a complete line of laundry and foodservice equipment and small wares for over 43 years co-presented of the 1st Cleaning & Laundry Show 2019, which is schedule from February 21 to 23.

Along with some ore other related brands and services, Technolux showcased their latest array of laundry equipment such as cutting-edge smart hard- and soft-mounted washer-extractors, tumble-dryers, detergents, steamers and ironers that they import and supply to the country’s top hotels, resorts, laundromats and other institutions. Some of the world-class brands that were featured are IPSO (the world’s most dependable manufacturer of laundry equipment); Firbimatic (closed circuit dry cleaning machines); Braun (heavy duty industrial washer extractors, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, automatic feeders, bed sheet and towel folders); Seitz (laundry detergents, wet cleaning detergents and dry cleaning solvents); Autovalet Systems (fully automated conveyor system and Sidi Mondial (laundry pressing machines, dry cleaning utility press, form finishers, cuff and collar press, vacuum ironing tables and spotting tables).

During the event, I met Technolux's Fercus Lacia, who is beaming with pride as he toured me around their “Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundry Business” offeringa full cycle approach in owning a laundry enterprise. The setup is made to give clients multiple business packages that will suit their preferences. The coin-operated business is powered by IPSO laundry equipment. Based in USA, IPSO belongs to Alliance Laundry Systems Network, the global leader in commercial laundry with presence in over 100 countries. 

These equipment are smartly designed and equipped with the latest technology to boost efficiency and reduce water, energy and detergent costs. Technolux offers different ways to get into the coin-operated laundry enterprise. Clients can simply purchase individual IPSO washers and dryers so they can start their own business by themselves or they can choose from different packages for a turn-key business. 

Here are some of the business packages I learned from our talk:

Business Package 1 (Start Up) - PHP1,350,000
5 Units of Stacked Washer and Dryer
250 pcs Tokens
10 pcs laundry basket
1 unit of rectangular table for folding
1 counter table for staff
6 units of Monobloc chair
Complete construction of Laundry Shop (Maximum floor area of 30 sqm.)

Business Package 2 (Established) - PHP2,500,000
10 Units of Stacked Washer and Dryer
500 pcs token
20 pcs laundry baster
2 units of rectangular table for folding
1 counter table for staff
12 units of Monobloc chair
Complete construction of Laundry Shop (Maximum floor area of 50 sqm.)

Business package 3 (Expansion) - PHP3,650,000
15 Units of Stacked Washer and Dryers
750 pcs tokens
30 pcs laundry basket
3 units of rectangular table for folding
1 counter table for staff
18 units of Monobloc chair
Complete construction of Laundry Shop (Maximum floor area of 80 sqm.)

These packages include construction of laundry shop (including materials and installation), complete with civil works (tile flooring), carpentry and painting, electrical wiring system and lighting, water piping and drainage system (water motor and pressurised tank are not included), gas piping and exhaust system with gas tank and content, detector and sensor.

This three-day event consists local and international suppliers, manufacturers, exhibitors, customers and companies involved in laundry systems, cleaning equipment and chemicals, janitorial and custodial supplies and IT service providers.

For inquiries, check out Technolux’s corporate offices are located at 2176 Primo Rivera Street, Barangay La Paz Makati City (8964941and 8994531. You can also follow Technolux's social media pages Facebook:; Instagram: @technolux_philippines.

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