8 Times I Failed Myself at the 2019 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

After its first super successful run in Manila last year, the most anticipated, wildest and biggest book sale in the world is finally back bringing millions and millions of books for all bookworms in Manila. Okay, this is not a drill - Big Bad Wold Book Sale is finally back at the World Trade Center in Pasay City this February 22 til March 04, 2019!

Special thanks to my friend, blogger-extraordinaire Myke Soon of Mix of Everything, I had an amazingly crazy VIP experience earlier, where I'm one of the first few to checkout the millions of titles that are being sold for this run of Big Bad Wolf.

I'm not really a bookworm, but I love reading. I love reading most specially when I need to write something for work or for my blog because it give me inspirations. And since this is also "sale", how can I say no, right?

But just to share with everyone, I failed myself eight times this morning trying to follow this eight simple instructions I kept n my mind while I go gaga at the Big Bad Wold Book Sale.

1. Arrive on time.
The experience of falling in line last year during the first run of Big Bad Wolf was so nerve-wrecking despite of the fact that this book sale will be open for 24 hours, for more than ten days. That's why this year, Myke and I decided to come early, so that we'll get first dibs of the best title that they'll share to all VIP pass holders - and also due to excitement. We arrive early, like before 10am... but some kids are much more earlier, so we have to fall in line. Thank goodness, the entrance went smoothly. Just remember, kids, that you cannot bring in bottled water or tumblers with liquid inside. Food kiosks are available at the check-out counter area.

2. Don’t panic! 
I know it’s just a book sale - but come on! The discount are as much as 90%, so how can you not panic right? Most of the books that I saw in the Young Adult Section range from PHP190 to PHP230. Some are a little expensive because they are hard bound, but if you are a good scavenger hunter like me, you won't have a problem. I think I bought more that I should have. Hihihi. My receipt says so.

3. Focus only on those titles that spark joy...
Due to wide selection, I honestly can’t help but to appreciate some more titles and get curious some more.... At the end, I checkout paying some titles that I really want and some more title that caught my attention. I'm a happy finisher with 10 new books!

World Trade Center is so huge! And since they have books all over the place, I ended up getting lost in a book maze. Oh, it feels like heaven in there! All sorts of words, color, shapes, volumes and picture! I so love it! Hahaha! There are a lot of Harry Potter related books, Rick Riordan novels, and some more.

5. Conserve energy.
In just an hour, I managed to go all the place and see so much about the books that are on sale. I think I went around the whole the place twice going gaga over the books. Good thing, they play good music inside, so it somehow comforts my feelings and my pocket. Haha!

6. Stick to Your budget.
As I said, I ended up buying 10 books. My original plan before going in is to just buy five books that I really, really want mainly because its no yet payday. Haha. But since I realized as I was going around that payday in tomorrow, well, I bout all 10 books! Hahahaha! Oh, and look! One of the books that I bought is for my 6-year-old niece. This is an Augmented Reality Three Little Pigs book made by Little Hippo. I immediately showed it to my niece upon coming home, and when we tried it (you have to download the Hippo Magic app on your mobile gadget), it was really amazing. She love it! I might go back again next week to buy her one more. Haha! Goodbye savings! LOL.

7. If you can’t buy it now, there’s always next time.
In my case, I'm planning to go back again once I get extra money next week. I don't know when is Big Bad Wold coming back again, so might as well seize the moment, right? Hahaha!

8. Enjoy!

If you’ve seen me there and I look so damn serious, it's because myself is fighting over the idea of Buy This VS Don't Buy This and the struggle was real. How I wish I have more money and time to buy more books. I saw a lot of interesting books that I wish to add in my collection. But fo you guys, don't feel bad spending too much, really, because the Big Bad Wolf is helping Gawad Kalinga (GK), a local non-government organization that  helps educate young children in different part of the Philippines. And this year, the Big Bad Wolf donated 1,000 books for the community schools and libraries of GK.

Meet my new books!

Thank you again, Big Bad Wolf! I'm a happy wolf pack here!

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