SWOSH!: Washing Laundry Made a Lot Easier

Nowadays, everything seems so easy to work on and accomplish with the use of our reliable smart phones. We can easily do shop across the world, do banking, book our next vacation, or order food and binge watching or listening to our favorite TV shows, movie and music playlist at the comfort of our home. Thanks to the continuously evolving mobile phones powered up by operating systems that caters our needs and wants.

Adding to this wide array of services that we can find and download online is an application dubbed as the first Filipino-made Laundry and Cleaning App in the Philippines, SWOSH! Set to make washing laundry a lot easier, it is like a genie that when you swipe the app, your laundry will be picked up at your doorstep, and after some 24 hours, it’ll come back smelling fresh and neat.

That was what I actually experienced when I tried this application last weekend. Since it’s getting too hot, and I woke up a little late and actually feeling lazy to go out to the laundry shop, I downloaded the SWOSH app on my iPhone, and successfully ticked off one item on my To-Do List that day.

If you are familiar with popular mobile apps such as Agoda, Shopee, SWOSH! is no different from these. The application is so easy to navigate that in less than 5 minutes, you can already book a laundry service. What I like about this app is you can actually schedule the pick-up time of your laundry and the delivery time of your fresh laundry. This is perfect for those who are always on the move, or maybe just too lazy that day, got no time to spare, as well as for those who have scheduled trips on weekend – a total time saver app.

For my laundry service that weekend, I asked for my laundry to be picked at exactly 11:00am on Saturday, so that I can have it at around the same time the following day. My laundry bag, which weighs around 4 kilograms and contains linens such as pillow covers, bedsheet, blanket and towels, costed me PHP260.00 in total, PHP160 for the laundry items and PHP100.00 for the delivery, pick-up and concierge services. Not bad, eh?

SWOSH! caters to a wide range of cleaning services such as Stage 1 Ultra-Sonic Shoe Cleaning, Stage 2 Ultra-Sonic Shoe Cleaning, Cleaning for Pet Items (exclusive to a number of laundry shops only), Dry Clean for Suits, Dresses and Barong, and Special Wash Dry, and Fold.

SWOSH! was launched last June 2018 by Ampersand SG Philippines, Inc., Out of curiosity and effort to find convenient and affordable online laundry service, Mr. Nico Silva, the man behind Ampersand decided to create his own version of high quality, convenient online laundry pick-up and delivery service that will be beneficial for most people in the Metropolis.
Currently, SWOSH! is available within Metro Manila only. Soon, SWOSH! will be around the country and will also be offering hypoallergenic and organic options to cater wider range of customers.

To know more about SWOSH!, you can visit their official website http://swosh.com.ph/. Or you can just download their app, which available in App Store  and Google Play.

Happy washing – or not!, everyone! Hahaha!

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