A Taste of Home at Manila Marriott Hotel's Manila Life Cafe

If you are about to leave the country for good or maybe stuck in the airport for some reasons or just around the vicinity of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, there's this one place now that is open to take those sadness and worries away, and ready to give you that much-needed Manila Love - Manila Life Cafe by Manila Marriott Hotel.

When it comes to comfort food, for me and my three nieces, nothing beats a good warm meals prepared with love. And here in Manila Life Cafe, our favorite meals, which are kind of staple household meals, are prepared in its most generous serving size at a most desirable taste and aroma topped with industrial interior that shares a modern Manila vibe that makes us love the place even more.

At Runway Manila

Located at the fourth level of NAIA Terminal 3, just right upon entering the gate from the car park or if you are from the Resorts World Manila, just upon reaching the end of the Runway Manila bridge that connects the two establishments, you'll find this oozing with Filipino love gem. Equipped with a bar, a function room and large dining spaces for family, friends, couple or solo travelers, Manila Life Cafe offers Manila flavors fit for anyone who are looking for comfort food in a classy way.

Manila Life Cafe's menu was made so simple simple that you'll really desire to try everything in it. Classified into seven categories, including All Day Breakfast - Almusal, Pmapagan, Manila Tacos and Burgers, Mama's Comfort Bowls, beverages, Beverages, Panghimagas and It Tkes Gutz - as inspired by beauty queen adn actress Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez - kids and kids heart or local and foreign tourists could find something to fill those tummies and longing emotions.

Manila Street Food Platter - Php350.00

For starter, one could find comfort and enjoyment making "tusok-tusok" with their Manila Street Food Platter. A combination of some of our favorite Manila street food such as fried quail eggs, chicken fritters, homemade fish balls, this dish is made available with Sweet Soy Dip, Spiced Vinegar and Sweet and Sour Sauce that are set to complete your experience.

Pork Sisig Tacos - Php388.00

For some unique Pinoy twist, I highly recommend that you try their Pork Sisig Taco - a crunchy, shredded pieces of pork meat cooked in our favorite Kapampangan style sisig with chicharon, tomato slices, pickled onion, green chili and creamy onion sauce all combined in this soft and tasty taco wrap. Despite of the green chili, I was surprised to see how my nieces enjoyed this one. An absolute favorite among us, this almost got us full. Haha!

Manila Sunrise Bowl - Php338.00

If you are up for some chow-down time, I suggest that you get this all-day breakfast plate they call Manila Sunrise Bowl. It has everything you need to start your day or everything to make you feel at home. This dish comes with homemade pork longganisa, beef tapa, pork tocino, tomato-salted egg relish, fried eggplant, sunny side up egg on top of their equally yummy garlic rice. I honestly think that you'll ask for another cup of rice for this one. It so high in protein, you'll just keep eating everything. Oh, and don't forget that they also prepared this with the typical Filipino "sawsawan" to complete the experience.

Sisig Rice - Php390.00

An equally satisfying dish, and since our love for their sisig has been established due to their Pork Sisig Taco, we also ordered their Sisig Rice. A pure sisig indulgence, this dish is just one of Manila Life Cafe's Comfort Bowls. Other comforting dish to try is the Pork Adobo, Beef Kaldereta and Pancit Luglug.

Manila Life Bacon and Mushroom Burger - Php420.00

For those who want to skip eating rice, their Manila style burger, which they call Manila Life Bacon and Mushroom Burger offers a tummy-filling satisfaction. This comes with house fries that my little niece enjoyed devouring. As for the burger, well guess who finished it... *wink*

Mango Strawberry Iced tea - Php120.00

Accompanying us on this gastronomic adventure was this refreshing and freshly  made Mango Strawberry Iced Tea. 

And since we are all sweet lovers, we ended our visit here with a bottle of Manila Life Cafe's top two desserts. Offering a unique and classy take on our comforting desserts - Mango Sago and Purple Yam.

The kids loved the Mango Sago, while I honestly think that their Purple yam was very light just right for me who is soooo full from finishing that burger. Hahaha!

Mango Sago - Php180.00 and Purple Yam Roll - Php205.00

Just in case you are also in the haunt for some Manila favors or pasalubong, you could find some cute little jeepneys here that you could take wherever you go.

I can't wait to go back here! I heard that their kaldereta is worth trying too!
Thank you, Manila Life Cafe for bring class to NAIA Terminal 3, and by sharing a well-thought, Filipino restaurant topped with Pinoy comfort food.

Happy eating!

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