Customized Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples!

Nowadays, I am fond of having online transactions. Not only it saves effort, time and sometimes money because there are many things that are on sale, but also it gives me furthers ideas and inspirations to create such a meaningful experience.

Last January, I prepared my niece’s 6th birthday. I was only planning a simple surprise party for her, but due to enticing and a lot of cute stuff that I found on different online shops, I splurge on some more adorable and lovely stuff, not only for her and for me as well.

Moreover, since celebrations are huge part of our being, as a Filipino, I bet that a lot of you are thinking now on how to celebrate the forthcoming Valentine’s Day without stressing yourselves over some real-life problems. Because for sure, with V-day being on a Thursday, you have to consider (1) traffic, (2) venue to celebrate the V-Day, (2) food to eat, (3) gift to give, and (5) arranged flowers to make it more romantic – what is Valentine’s Day without flowers, right?

So, yes, keep on reading as I share some online shopping tips that you could make use this Valentine’s Day.

The Best Deals are Found Online
Whether you are looking for an affordable dinner at a romantic restaurant or booking an overnight stay, the deals you can get from online promos are hard to beat. Websites like Agoda, Traveloka,, Metrodeal and Deal Grocer offers different options for picking romantic places where you could celebrate the Love Day at huge discounts – may it be a hotel or restaurants, everything is just one-click away.

However, if you are really on a tight budget and prefer spending the V-Day at home, sweat no more in preparing your loved one’s favorite dish by ordering it online. You can select from the wide list of online food deliveries such as Food Panda, Grab Food, or you can go directly to the website of your preferred food establishment asked them to deliver your V-Day meals. The tricky part on this, since food-delivery is a growing trend among metro dwellers, I highly suggest that you order ahead of time so that your food will arrive at your desired mealtime.

Valentine’s gift? There’s the Lazada, Zalora for fashionistas and even Shopee for unique finds that will delight your loved on. Sale on these online site are 24/7, so order now and have your order deliver on express so that you’ll have them prepared by February 14.

For flowers, I highly recommend Island Rose. You order online fresh beautifully arranged flowers and even chocolate through their website. I had a chance to visit their farm before in Cavite, and met its owners, and I guarantee you the high quality of their products! Everything is well prepared and delivered.

Alternative Valentine’s Ideas for Couples and Single Friends
For those who are thinking of celebrating the Valetine’s on the weekend after the 14th, well there are better chances of enjoying this occasion.

For one, you can take your Valentine celebration to the next level of chill and relaxation through spas and staycations. Spa services are also available in Deal Grocer and Metrodeal, which come at discounted rates.

For sporty couples, you may like trying out fencing, archery, and even target shooting at the gun range. These have been becoming popular recreation options for couples and barkadas, as well. If you choose target shooting, Armscor has several shooting ranges but in Metro Manila, the ones in Makati and Marikina are the most frequented. The budget for this can range from Php600 to Php3000, depending on the package you choose and how long your stay in the gun range.

For those who think that archery might be a good idea, there’s Kodanda Archery Range that has branches in Makati, Pasay, and a few other places. However, if you want to up your game into something that pumps up your adrenalin, you can try Archery Attack. Essentially, this is similar to the paintball shootout games except that, of course, you use soft, ball-tipped arrows instead of paintball guns.  A two-hour session costs Php500 per player.

Game of swords? Why not try playing the ultimate game of intelligence, discipline, class, and honor? Republic Fencing and Sports Club lets you and your date en-garde, cross blades (don’t worry the fencing sword or epee is designed for sport safety, not actual combat), and touche each other for fun.  Be sure to learn the French fencing terms because if you whisper them properly, they sound really romantic. 

With these activities, it is best to come prepared and be ahead of time in booking you activities. Valentine's Day online deals are much easier to snatch up when you use your credit cards. BDO Credit Card for example have ongoing promos that will give you more discounts on the Day of Hearts. From shopping, restaurant freebies and discounts to jewelries and ordering flowers, BDO made it easier and more affordable for us.

You can always find ways to make Valentine’s Day more enjoyable, less stressful, and more affordable.  

Check out this video for more fun and enjoyable tips  in customizing parties, events and special occasion such as valentine’s Day.

Happy V-Day, to all!

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