Increase your Child's Animal Quotient with ZooMoo

Nothing could be more exciting than seeing a kid getting ready for an event specially prepared for him or her. I honestly love seeing my 6-year-old niece getting excited every time we take her out. But that Saturday morning, when I asked her to come with me, was different. Her love for the idea of blogging and vlogging is finally coming true as we attend the ZooMoo launch at Zoo Cafe in Vertis North, Quezon City.

Geared with our excitement and cuteness, of course, we arrived at the jungle themed-cafe, Zoo Cafe, where the team of Sky Cable and Blueant Media are eagerly waiting for our arrival. Along with some kids and their parents and guardians, our mornings was celebrated through some learning about animals and how we can help increase the "Animal Quotient" or AQ of our little ones through this new premium channel on cable TV.

ZooMoo is a premium cable channel, which is comprises of 1,500 self-contained shows combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for little viewers. Zoomoo believes that fun and learning go well together that's why this channel provides deeper information about animals, their habitats, behavior, and characteristics in a simplified yet visual way that are highly appealing to kids.

ZooMoo’s programming lineup follow five themes: explore time, create time, play time, puzzle time and quiet time. The channel also carries a strong message of conservation to help kids become more compassionate towards the creatures we share the planet with.

With the advent of various video clips and shows that streams online that parents' most of the time forgot to monitor, ZooMoo encourages parents to share their child’s viewing experience to create a more interactive learning experience.

Aside from the cable channel, kids and parents can also enjoy the revolutionary ZooMoo App, which is available to download on Google Play and AppStore. This innovative technology serves as a second screen where parents can allow their children to participate in the immersive world of ZooMoo shows. Games, music, puzzles and activities are made available for children and parents better engagement through this mobile app.

At the launch, journalist and environmental advocate Gregg Yan and lifestyle television host Kelly Misa-Fernandez shared their insights on how parents and adults can steward our kids AQ. The morning was filled with kids activities, interesting animal facts, and discussions focused on how children can become good caretakers of the planet as well.

ZooMoo’s program line up is packaged in an easy to understand format that is fun for both parents and kids. SKYcable subscribers can choose to add ZooMoo (channel 120) to their channel line-up for only P20 per month via SKYcable Select.

Happy watching!

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