Summer Wraps and Roll-Ups from King Sue

There are all kinds of wraps and roll-ups - sandwiches, tortillas, tacos and even wonton wraps - and each one deserves to be savored this summer. King Sue has some wrap and roll-up recommendations that are great to bring to the beach, a picnic, or when hanging out with friends in your own backyard. 

Taco Ala King Sue

King Sue, one of the leading international brands of Premium Quality meat products, offers a filling and fun summer with their recommended recipes that are perfect for summer parties and chill night-outs. You can check out its website for yummy recipes of the following:

King Sue Paella Burrito

For burrito lovers, you could try the King Sue Paella Burrito - it’s all the things you love in a paella but wrapped in a burrito

Aloha King Sue Wrap Sandwich

Craving for something sweet and tasty, the Aloha King Sue Wrap Sandwich is filled with ham, bacon, chicken, pineapple that young and adult will love..

What’s not to love in this sandwich? Goes great with your favorite soup too!

Lastly, for summer parties or hangout, the Taco Ala King Sue is stuffed wit anything you like in your own taco.

They’re yummy and so easy to make, no matter the season. Check out for more food ideas.

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