Pizza from the Swagman!

It is very typical to hear young boys craving for pizza. I, even though I’m not that young anymore, still love pizza, maybe because of the influence of Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle during my younger years. Haha! Since then, pizza has been a top favorite of mine – during family gatherings at home or during night outs with friends. But last weekend, when I attended the opening of Jeremy’s Pizza Club in Swagman Hotel in Manila, my fondness for pizza grow bigger when I met the 13-year-old owner of this newest pizza parlor in town.

Jeremy Lee, 13, owner of Jeremy's Pizza Club

Located at the heart of Manila City, a stone throwaway from U.S. Embassy and Rizal Park to be exact, Jeremy’s Pizza Club opens its door at the ground floor of Swagman Hotel in Manila. Offering a wide variety of flavors, Jeremy’s Pizza Club takes pride on its Shawarma, Meatlovers, Pizza Margherita, Four Cheese, Seafood pizzas to name a few. This pizza haven is set to delight young and old with its cozy, industrial ambiance topped with warm accommodation form its staff.

“My love for pizza started when I was much younger, and when I turned 10 or 11 years old, I started cooking some basic food, which by then were just some stuff I learned from the books that I read. Then eventually, I started baking pizza, which turned into a hobby. I used to cook for family and friends in school. Our chef here are Swagman Hotel helped me developed the flavors that I have in mind, and quite frankly, I’m happy with the outcome,” said Jeremy Lee, 13 years old, owner of Jeremy's Pizza Club.

The teenager owner loves his Hawaiian Pizza, but he suggests that guests should also try some other dishes on the menu like the pasta and salads, which were a combination of his ideas and the hotel’s chefs. When asked about what it feels like to open a business at a very young age, Jeremy shared how exciting and nerve-racking it is, but so thankful for the support from his family who believes in his vision and guide him throughout the process.

As for me, I personally like the Shawarma Pizza, the crunchiness and oozing flavors are something to enjoy. But since all of the pizzas offered here at Jeremy Pizza Club are thin crust and the flavors are right-on, I recommend that you try them all. I’m actually planning to bring my family here soon, so that we could all enjoy the wonderful meals and Instagrammable ambiance of the place.

Currently, Jeremy’s Pizza Club has 14 variants of pizza, all available at 14-inch size, four flavors of pasta, four types of sandwiches and four good-for-sharing salad offerings that you can choose from. Their pizza price ranges from Php299 to Php399, sandwiches and burgers range from Php269 to Php359, while salads are at Php339 to Php359.

Jeremy’s Pizza Club is under The Oriental Hotels and Resorts, which is the same company that manages the different hotel chains across the country such as The Oriental Legazpi, The Oriental Bataan, The Oriental Leyte and The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay. 

We were told that The Oriental Hotels and Resorts will soon carry Jeremy's Pizza Club in their hotels as part of their F & B, so expect a little more about this new pizza name because it will soon capture everyone's heart (and tummy)!

For other further details and inquiries, you can visit Swagman Hotel Manila at 411 A. Flores St. Ermita, Manila, or you can call them at (632) 523 8541 / (0922) 949 2837. You can also email them at or visit their Facebook and Twitter.

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