Effective and Affordable Cosmetic Procedures at RMJ Beauty Aesthetics

I rarely go to a beauty clinic for some procedure – for reasons such as, first, most of them are way too expensive; second, I don’t see the need to go there because I already accepted the fact that I will never look good; and third, it’s hard to find a trusted one. But last weekend’s experience changed my perception towards aesthetic center, and funny it may seem, this Cavite-based clinic changed it all. Let me share to you my experience at Kawit’s RMJ Beauty Aesthetics.

Along with some friends who introduced me to the owner of this clinic, Miss Marivelle Bagorio, I experience, probably, my most soothing and pleasant beauty procedure. Okay, don’t be too shocked – I just had their Infinity Facial White, IPL with Bleach for my underarm and Ultra Glow Push Therapy – all of these were upon the suggestion of their staff, who were so friendly and accommodating.

Miss Marivelle Bagorio, owner of RMJ Beauty Aesthetics

We arrived at their clinic few minutes before lunch, and we’re so happy that we were accommodated immediately. However, I still suggest that you book your appointment first before going here to save you the hassle of travelling to Cavite.

Since their schedules are mostly set in the afternoon, according to their staff, I highly suggest that you visit their clinic in the morning. They are open from 10 in the morning til 9 in the evening. RMJ Beauty Aesthetics is just along Gahak Road, a quick turn after exiting CavitEx (Cavite Expressway).

Going back, the staff who assisted me in my services is Miss Abby, who’s been very kind in assessing and discussing my skin problems. 

My procedure started first with their Infinity Facial White. It was her who told me that this is one of the best services here at RMJ. Given its intense deep skin cleaning, this procedure will not only clean the face but as well as make the face feel soft and glowing. The procedure took about 30-45 minutes and cost me Php999.00. Not bad since the effect was immediate and I really enjoyed it mainly because it wasn’t face-numbing as what I had before is other clinics.

Right after my Infinity Facial White, Miss Abbie Mangonon prepared me for the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) with Bleach procedure. I've been dealing with this underarm rash and discoloration for months now after some allergic reaction to the deodorant that I've been using for years. I thought the last one that I bought was expired or something hence the effect, but thank goodness, I visited RMJ Beauty Aesthetics and got introduced to this underarm whitening and hair removal procedure.

Okay, not that I want to totally remove the hair in my underarms, but I think I need this procedure to somehow lessen my thick hair in my armpits that causes body odor sometimes.

Miss Abby, shaved my underarm, cleanse it and applied some cream before she started clicking the IPL machine. I won't deny that it bites a little, so get ready to be shocked from time to time, but once it was done, the pain was just like an an bite but without any inflammation. She finishes the procedure with another cream.

The whitening effect might take a while, but since the package that I got includes ten sessions for Php3,500, the whitening effect will be much visible after the fourth session. I'm really happy that I was introduce to this procedure, and I think the value is so much affordable for the ten sessions.

My last treatment for that day was administered by Nurse Beth Bermudez, who is a certified aesthetician. I've been seeing a lot of celebrities trying the Gluta Drip, but the kind Nurse Beth shared to me that their Ultra Glow Push is nothing different than the Drip and it saves much time. RMJ's Ultra Glow Push costs Php2,500.00 for a 5000mg Glutathione vial, which they say is more affordable than in other clinics around the area.

This procedure only took a minute, and it was painless. But if you are afraid of injection, this might take a while, but I guarantee you that Nurse Beth's hands are so light that you wouldn't feel any pain.

As a bonus, I was given with RMJ Deodorant, underarm whitening cream and Koji soap for my underarm, which would keep me away from harmful chemical from the deodorant that I bought from the supermarket.

I'm really looking forward for my next visit here at RMJ Beauty Aesthetics, first, because I find the staff really nice, professional, and friendly; second, the results of my first treatments were really visible and I can really feel the change on my skin; and third, because of the price, which are are very reasonable given the intense care they provide. I can't wait to try some other skin care and beauty treatment that I will surely enjoy!

Thank you and see you again soon, RMJ Beauty Aesthetics.

If you want to know more about RMJ Beauty Aesthetics, you can visit them at Blk 2 Lot 21, Viejo Gahak, Kawit, Cavite. They also have a nail salon, RMJ Nails &Their first branch RMJ Aesthetic Salon & Spa, can be found at P. Burgos Ave, San Roque, Cavite City, Cavite.

For further inquiries, you may contact them at +63907-2981379, +63929-7601431, 0466862725 or you can e-mail RMJ Beauty Aesthetics at rmjaesthetics@yahoo.com.

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