Joey De Leon Returns to Sitcom with TV5's One of the Boys

One of the Philippine comdey legend is finally back on sitcom as TV5 announces the airing of Joey De Leon's latest show on Saturday, May 3, that combines comedy and romance in one - One of the Boys.

Starring TV5's homegrown talent, Eula Caballero, who plays Gabriella 'Gabi' Silang, daughter of Daddy Jerry 'DJ' Silang, played by the man himself, Joey de Leon. The story of this latest offering from the Kapatid Network showcases a mix of Pinoy and Brit comedic acts as the lead casts are joined by the five hunks who made our TV5 viewing habit worth drooling, the Juan Direction.

Together with Dan Marsh as Daniel Lennon, who find interest with Gabi; Charlie Sutcliffe as Charlie McCartney; Michael McDonnell as Michael Harrison; and Brian Wilson as Brian Starr, Eula will showcase her talent as a tomboyish pretty girl growing up in the company of boys, possessing an excellent talent in mechanical works and driving. Meanwhile, Juan Directioner Henry Edwards, who plays Henry Potter, will complete the love triangle of Gabi and Daniel.

Of course, any Pinoy sitcom wouldn't be complete without the sidekicks and the kontra-bidas, and here in One of the Boys, Empoy, who plays Aga,  will be the comedic tandem of Joey de Leon, while Nadine Samonte, who plays Jana Halliwel, will the girl after Daniel in this exciting sitcom.

You can catch the premier of TV5's newest primetime sitcom, One of the Boys, tonight, May 3 at 9:00 in the evening!


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