Converse Presents The Bold and Colorful this Summer

This summer, Converse matches the sizzle and intensity of the season with an array of color-driven apparel that expresses ease, vitality and creativity. A season for all things bright and sunny, Converse designed urban man and woman clothes that are emblazoned with distinctive One Star, All Star and Chuck Taylor logos. A true style that speaks of young, wild and free!

“Our apparel and sneakers evoke a seamless fit,” says Baby Galang, Sportswear Manager of Converse Philippines. “They are both designed with an emphasis on comfort, street style and versatility. Converse apparel allows for maximum movement to allow the wearer to live out loud.”

From tees to hoodies to collared shirts, from shorts to pants to jogging pants, Converse's summer collection redefines living out loud by sporting the brightest, most eye-popping patterns and colors. 

“Just like with Converse sneakers, no rule applies with our apparel,” says Galang. So no matter how you mix and match across patterns, designs, and color spectrum, these latest Converse collection will surely be an eye-catcher once you wear them.

The apparel line is in tune with Converse sneakers that also emphasize the boldest of palettes for the season. For instance, the Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye comes in marbleized tie-dye colors while the Chuck Taylor All Star Tri-Panel features three color panels in just one sneaker. The Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus, on the other hand, comes in Pink, Nightshade and Palmgreen colors.

“As you can see, Spring-Summer 2014 seeks to dispel the gloom of the past to assert a more positive, more fun-loving attitude,” says Galang. “It’s all about the outdoors, city life and whatever that contributes to growth and flourishing.”

In conclusion, Galang shares “One good thing with the Converse apparel is that, just like the sneakers, they never go out of style. In a sense, they are investment pieces since you can wear them for many months hence. With Converse apparel, you’ll never lose your street cred.”

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