Curve is What's 'IN' this Summer!

Quality, size and awesomeness - yep, that's what the world's first Curved UHD TV has, and it definitely comes from the brand that keeps on setting a different kind of standard for quality visual experience - Samsung.

Last week, along with its other 2014 lineup, Samsung surprises everyone as it officially presented its Curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV. The latest innovation that boasts of crisp picture quality, 4x more powerful that of a FHD screen, and a change in perspective that makes images appear larger and true-to-life, Samsung Curved UHD TV is geared towards fulfilling the needs and desires of Filipino viewers

“This year will be a big year for entertainment”, says Chung Lyong Lee, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) President and Managing Director. 

During its presentation, Samsung showcased how this Curved UHD TV is easy, fast, and fun to use. Adding its multi-link screen feature that allows dual screens to process separate tasks that operate alongside each other, Samsung Curved UHD TV, as compared to flat screen TVs, has a special screen that can gives us a more realistic viewing experience even from different angles. 

The combination of the curved screen and Samsung Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology makes contrast automatically adjusts for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D-like effect without requiring glasses. Even the color is further enhanced on this Samsung Curved UHD TV due to its PurColor technology that reproduces color for even more detailed expression.

Everything looks so real, really!

And with its user-friendly operating system, users need not to worry about cutting down on speed performance thanks to the upgraded Quad Core processor, the Quad Core Plus, which delivers quicker loading and navigation through tasks and commands. So, if you are worried about browsing multiple application, windows and multimedia content, worry no more.

This Curved UHD SMART TV is currently available in 78-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches in all Samsung outlets nationwide.

We weren't informed of the price of the Samsung Curved UHD TV, but if you're asking of their other TV sets, Samsung is happy to announce that they tailored this year’s product lineup with the Philippine market in mind. 

Some of the features worth highlighting on are the internet capability of the TVs, perfect for our social media and internet-savvy Filipino users, and the Family TV feature, that lets family members maximize the Samsung experience with Screen Capture and Sound capture to instantly catalog their favorite moments on screen for personal viewing in the future. 

From Soccer Mode, which is designed specifically for a more enjoyable sports-watching experience with optimized picture and sound quality; to Clickplay, which offers local contents with a but of Hollywood flavor; to NewsOn page, which is powered by Yahoo PH.

These latest television series have the capability to also save images and information automatically in our USB for easy storage and access. 

As for the Samsung’s new audio products, the ultra-slim HW-H600 SoundStand completes the awesome experience. This audio system that can be wirelessly connected to SMART TV for the full effects of surround sound television enjoyment. The HW-H600 can easily be paired with 32” up to 55” Samsung SMART TVs.

As Samsung continues to set the bar in innovation worldwide, expect more groundbreaking products with unmatched performance and design that are all created to satisfy their consumers’ needs and desires.

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