SYKES Glorietta now Open!

August 14 was a breakthrough day for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry of the Philippines, specifically for the industry pioneer - SYKES Asia, Incorporated - as its opened its latest hub in Glorietta ready to inspire more Filipino to make the best out of life

Sixteen years since it started BPO operations in the country, SYKES  formally opened its newest facility at the heart of Makati last week to provide an employee-centered workplace utilizing intelligent and ergonomic lighting and furniture designed for ease and accomplishment. 

Headed by SYKES President and CEO Chuck Sykes, SYKES Glorietta sets a new standard for the BPO lifestyle with its spacious huddle rooms equipped to improve communication between employees and foster learning; intelligent lighting to ensure proper diffusion and absence of glare; ergonomic chairs that adapt to all body types amidst vibrant colors and work stations; and a Mother's Room, which is another considerate feature that shows SYKES' commitment in providing excellent support for BPO professionals.

Chuck Sykes

Mike Henderson

Also present at the event are company’s key personalities like Dan Hernandez, Executive Vice-President for Global Strategy, Mike Henderson, Senior Vice-President for APAC and Dean Van Ormer, Vice-President for Philippine Operations, who performed the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony together.

Dean Van Ormer

And making the night more memorable not only to the employees of SYKES Asia, Incorporated, but also to the guests who graced the event, Philippines' Alternative Rockstar and The Voice of the Philippines coach Bamboo rocked the night with his hits and latest singles.

The Philippines’ BPO industry is currently recognized as one of the two global leaders in the world, and as it continues to flourish, SYKES Asia Incorporated, taking pride as the pioneer of this groundbreaking industry, believes that employees are their premium to its longevity, hence they want to give them the best - a contribution they wanna start or the forward move of BPO.

Congratulations, SYKES! Keep it up!

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