IPANEMA: Setting Ours Soles Free

Being a traveler, I must say that one of the many things that I never forget to pack in my bag is a pair of good slippers or flip-flops. Whenever I'm out there exploring the world or I what I usually call "soul-searching", I usually take time to walk, that's why having a pair of good, reliable and stylish slippers or footwear is definitely a must have for me. And now, together with IPANEMA, one of the trusted brands of flip-flops from Brazil, soul-searching for travelers like me are made more stylish with their IPANEMA Soul Search.

IPANEMA has continuously carved a name easily attributed to a style haven. From the colorful country of Brazil all the way to the fun and always smiling country of ours, the Philippines, fashion lovers thrive in the concept of a pair of IPANEMA as not just a footwear but as a reflection of one’s individuality. 

And today, as the brand asks every soul searcher “What fills your soul?”, IPANEMA embodies again its brave array of footwear designs carrying the mark of distinct jovial and fun spirit through the launch of their latest collection, which was presented at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center last August 13, 2013. 

In a grand visual treat subdivided in to four characteristics: Ambition, Hope, Passion, and Happiness, IPANEMA Soul Search vivified its latest collection showcased in a stylized fashion show the encompassing diverse tastes and personalities of today’s breadth of stylistas.

The event exhibited how IPANEMA boasted its array of newest footwear finds with a healthy mix of neutrals and brights imprinted with patterns that still evoke its quirky flip flop stamp of braving fashion frontiers through footwear. These new designs feature a narrative amplifying the new style direction of IPANEMA speaking to its consumer base not just as a fashion staple and accessory but a mirror to their personality.

This event also marked the culmination of the IPANEMA Soul Search Raffle promo wherein monthly winners from June to August were treated to a special IPANEMA VIP packs in line with the concept of spoiling their sole. And as for the grand winner, well, she was treated to a trip to Brazil where she was able to soul-search while enjoying the numerous experiences prepared for her such as marveling at the wondrous sights, treating herself to a gastronomic affair and even broadening her horizons through meeting new people.

It was one fulfilling and fantastic experience to see all these new flip flops and dancing gents and ladies on stage. And with movements that seeks not juts your eyes but also your soul, IPANEMA will certainly captivates everyone's heart and soul the natural way.

So, to know more about this latest collection, juts visit the IPANEMA Philippines official Facebook fan page. Ipanema is available at the following stores: Bambu, Planet Sports, Shoe Salon, The Landmark, The Athlete’s Foot and Cinderella.

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