WebsiteExpress.BIZ offers Good Website in Less than a Week

"Our objective is to design and develop websites for those who need it quickly, whether big or small companies, the mass consumers or perhaps anyone in need of a website to showcase their product or service offering to the world," says Kristian Noel A. Pura, Head of the Digital Media Group of Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. (ICTV), a publicly listed technology conglomerate, which runs WebsiteExpress.BIZ, ICTV’s digital media brand.

Being a blogger for almost a decade now has thought me a lot of things. Though most of it are not that exceptional, still, it manages me to move forward and somehow be the blogger that I wanna be. And to be honest, starting from the basic and to be where I am right now is not a joke and didn't happen in just a short span of time. For it takes a lot of trial and error til I manage to stick to one idea and just pushes it to my heart's desire.

Kristian Noel A. Pura

And albeit, I have to plans of creating a company out of my blogging, which is just actually my outlet to learn how to write better, I recently met a man who boast that they can create a good website in 5-7 days. His name, Kristian Noel A. Pura of WebsiteExpress.BIZ.

According to Pura, a good quality website done in as fast as 5 to 7 days may be unheard of around 3-5 years ago. But with advancements in Web development technologies and applications, a website done in about a week is fast becoming more realistic.

His company, which is behind the beautiful website, WebsiteExpress.BIZ makes quality websites accessible and affordable to not just large corporations but also SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, even professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects. Believing that a website is our “window to the world” to showcase a service, a product or simply just to tell the world a story, WebsiteExpress.BIZ offers creations of website, sufficient enough to share information, as well as their achievement for their future customers or clients.

Pura noted that websites don’t just provide information anymore. He added that websites has become a channel or avenue for people to know you, to contact you and to find out what you can offer to them. And with WebsiteExpress.BIZ positioning itself as a catalyst when it comes to developing websites for both the corporate and the mass-based market, putting value in the fact that websites have already evolved to become an important sales and marketing tool for most businesses.

But if you think that anyone should have a website, Pura told that if your business is a sari-sari store, there's probably no reason to bother for a website anymore, well, not unless you value expansion and further growth and be known to more people. With a belief that website is fast becoming an acceptable sales channel, thanks to social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, one can easily share his or her website to a network of friends or even friends’ friends. It is now very easy to advertise and be able to interact closely and more effectively with possible clients, all through a website.

Pura, however, said that website is just a tool and not the business itself. It may perhaps help increase sales but it really depends on the kind of content the website has. 

“If you have a good website but with a bad product or service, the website won’t matter. Plus, there’s still the need for a little ‘push’ marketing and not rely on the website totally.”

And as for the promised website already up in 5 to7 days? Pura said that as long as reference materials are complete, including pictures and videos, the timetable is realistic. After all, WebsiteExpress.BIZ has already developed some of the most comprehensive-looking and eye-popping websites for both local and international clients. 

If you need to know more about their service, all you need to do is visit and get your window to the world up and about faster than you can say “website.” You may also call 799-7700 or email for more information.

These days Google is considered as the world's number one “go-to” adviser for just anything under the sun. So, if you do not have a website, then Google and eventually people who are potential customers will not find you. There is lost of opportunity right there already! So, what are you waiting for? Start having a website!

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