The Barbie World called Posh Nails

It was like staying inside a doll house for two pampering hours as I enjoy my hand and foot spa. And despite of the striking pink and purple and yellow colors, I managed to relax on what seemed to be an unplanned "me time" here in this Barbie world called Posh Nails - Tomas Morato.

Summer is really a busy season for me. From local out of town adventures, to international city tours that are so memorable, I honestly cannot believe that I made it all in a span of two months. And now as this flirty season is starting to say goodbye and as the clear sky darkens and starts to cry, I'm also starting to slow down and making my "me time" on the busy metropolis worthwhile. And by me time in metropolis, I mean - Spa Time. Hihihi.

Located at the mezzanine floor of CTTM Building in the corner of Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue in Quezon City, this small but very posh space was my piece of heaven last week as they pamper me with services that are truly good and relaxing.

I availed their Sports Package, which is a combination of Foot Spa and Hand Spa - two of their most in-demand services according to the staff who attended me.

I cannot remember when was the last time I hand these kind of treatment for myself, so I guess its just about time to have it again in one of the best places in town, and thankfully I had it with Posh Nails.

Upon entering the salon, I was immediately asked as to what service I would want to have that afternoon. And since I already have in mind what I wanna have - the best service - right after that short conversation with their receptionist, I was asked to take a seat on one of their fluffy couches that is just full of this girly pillows. In all fairness, everything was really fluffy and posh! :-)

A few minutes later, a glass of iced tea and a plate full of chips were served to me. Not all salons treat their customers like this, right? Hehe. I like!

It was Ate Lyn who did my Hand and Foot Spa request. The service lasted for an hour, consisting of salt scrubbing, nail cleaning and massage. The treatment to my hands and feet were almost the same, and I'm glad that Ate Lyn was so good and careful specially in cleaning my nails. I don't usually have my nails done in a salon, so I'm kinda worried at first, but the moment, she's done, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome and I'm happy that I really had this here in Posh Nails.

Posh Nails is offering other services too that men and ladies alike can enjoy. But I seriously think that their services plus this chic place means one good thing to people who love party and pampering... SPARTY! And Posh Nails is definitely on my number one list when it comes to this kind of event now.

After an hour, I was done. And honestly, If I could just lounge a little more there, I would, but I noticed that by around 3 p.m. more customers are coming in, so just to let them have their "me time" moment, I give thanks to Ate Lyn and to her magical hands that give one relaxing weekend here in Posh Nails Tomas Morato!

I'll see you again very soon, Posh Nails! Thanks and keep up the good work! I love it!

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