The Circuit Fest Generation!

Young music, young bands, young skaters, new venue, new fest to celebrate - if there are matters that are old in this concert, I guess they are all outside the venue waiting for their sons and daughters who are jumping up and down and banging their heads to the music brought the 9 international bands that completed this Circuit Fest 2013. Seriously! Hahaha!

It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by this young generation (not to say that I'm that old) who were so reminding me of my high school days when boy bands were the coolest people on earth. Hahaha! Geared in their super comfortable outfit, which I think I managed to go with, at exactly 4 p.m., everyone was all ears to the first international act who was up on stage, Megan Nicole!

Circuit Makati

I honestly didn't know that this kid was that famous here, so yeah, the crowd was singing along with her through her hits that set the mood on this reviving concert.

The view outside the venue, Circuit Makati

In between the acts, skateboard exhibitions, led by Riley Hawk and our very own, Willy Santos, were up stealing the spotlight from the stage as they skate, flip and slide on the ramp dedicated for them. 

Mark Salling, who hosted this amazing concert, was so stoked to the warm greetings he was receiving from the audience every time he set his feet on the stage. I personally think that he is not used to this kind of hosting gig, but nonetheless, he managed to give us one cool show that we enjoyed.

I was able to meet Mark Salling backstage, together with some of our pretty celebrities like Roxanne Barcelo and Jinri Park, and yeah, he is indeed a cool and humble guy! It seemed to me that he really loves our country, so, Mark, feel free to visit us any time! You are always welcome here in the Philippines! :-)

Despite of me being a little sick that afternoon, I still went out to watch this concert for I know this is gonan be phenomenal! With Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd, The Downtown Friction, Are The In Crowd, The Downtown Friction, This Century, Allstar Weekend, A+ Dropouts and Before You Exit  on the list, how can it be, right?

I was able to meet and had a picture taken with some of the performing bands, and I think that made my day here in Circuit Fest more fun, but of course, their outstanding performances on the stage was different. THE BEST!

Despite of the drizzle of rain at around 6 in the evening, the concert still pushed through. With most of the audience all wet, the rain just made it more wild and fun and just so fun to look at. I took cover just before the big splash of rain poured on Circuit Makati since I don't wanna get worse, but I still managed to enjoy the night, especially when the more popular bands take the center stage.

If last week's Wanderland's concert here in Circuit Makati are all for the 70's fans, well, last weekend's Circuit Fest was for today's generation, a Circuit Fest Generation I can't wait to see and enjoy again!

Congratulations to everyone who made this awesome concert possible!
To music and to youth - YOLO!

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