Meet my 2013 Bo's Coffee Book-slash-Planner

I'm changing something next year, and I personally think that the best way to start these "changes" in my life is by having a different strategy in life - a different plan. And by changing a life plan is by changing a planner, of course, so this year, I'm not doing the old Starbucks planner thing - I'm doing it in a real Pinoy way - The Bo's Coffee Book 2013 way.

While almost all of you guys are busy getting high on coffee on some lousy coffee shop, I myself had a wonderful time earlier as I received a sweet gift from Bo's Coffee. Apparently, they also have this "collect the sticker and get a free planner" thing, but the difference is you don't need to get high on coffee to have it. Hahaha!

One of the country's leading all-Pinoy coffee shop is happy to announce that they are giving away free 2013 planner to their loyalists in exchange of Php200.00 food purchase. So, whatever you buy from any Bo's Coffee as long as it reaches the Php200.00-purchase mark, you'll get one sticker to complete their 14-sticker Coffee Card.

You can get te Coffee Card once you purchase at Bo's Coffee from November 25, 2012 to January 31, 2013. You have to collect the 14 stickers to redeem the Coffee Book for free.  Just make sure that you have your Coffee Card with you every time you purchase at Bo's Coffee. Also, don't forget to have the Bo's Coffee Team Leader to sign your sticker to make it valid, and make sure that it has a transaction number, total amount of purchase and date of purchase indicated to make your stickers are valid.

Customer can redeem stickers for dine-in, take-out and merchandise purchase - so again, you really don't need to get high on coffee from some lousy coffee shop just to have a very nice looking and decent planner. Hehe. The downside only is that in every bulk transaction or reservations, you are only entitled to a maximum of 3 stickers. And this planner is not for sale too. :-)

So once you complete the 14 stickers, you only have til March 31, 2012 to redeem your Coffee Book. :-) Congratulations!

And as I skim and scan the pages of my new and nice Coffee Book, I learned that it's not just some planner, but instead a real coffee book. Because inside are pages of Bo's Coffee stories and facts about coffee - basically a Coffee 101.

Another thing that I liked about this Coffee Book is that the pages have this graphing paper style - something that I used to love writing on back in high school and college. And because of that, it made me feel that it's like a treasure map perfect for travelers like me! Wee!

Lastly, the most fun thing about this coffee book is that it comes with coupons that will give you freebies and discounts on your visit to any Bo's Coffee branch in the future! Ain't that an amazing way to start your New Year?

So, yeah, I'm changing this 2013 - and I'm changing for the best. It's about time that you do too! It's about time to love your own brand and your own coffee. Yes, people, Bo's Coffee are from the Philippines, and believe when I saw they taste not just better, but they taste THE BEST!

Happy Holidays, every one!
And may we have a well-planned fruitful New Year! Cheers!

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