The 2012 Christmas 3D-Street Painting Competition

Dubbed as “Pasko Natin: Ang Diwa Ng Pasko Sa Pilipinas”, Avida Land held last weekend its second 3D-Street painting Competition at its compound at Avida Centera in Manadaluyong City. With 20 participants from different universities in Metro Manila, three emerged as the the winners of the 2012 Christmas 3D-Street Painting Competition.

For the the second time, Avida Land organized an exciting and really creative competition that tested the skills of our young Filipino artists to showcase Filipino's amazing talent and culture. Through these competition, Avida Land aims to promote painting as a medium or art and for them to join together in celebrating the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, which is so uniquely festive and joyous. 

#1 AC (U.P. Diliman)

#2 PUP Katha Arts Kits

#3 Art Men (PUP Manila)

#4 UP AP

And through this 3D artworks, they wanna capture the special season of  homecoming, hope, peace, and unity that makes Christmas in the Philippines so special and memorable. And since Avida Land is all about community living, this 3D competition that are meant to nurture and strengthen Filipino culture is now playing a vital part for Avida Land in sustaining the cultural and social values that define their communities.

#5 PUP

#6 Linya (PUP)

#7 FEATI Arts Group

#8 Guhit Visual Arts (PUP)

The contest was opened to Filipino artists, professionals or students, ages 18 to 35 years old. They formed teams of four to seven members who did the actual painting at the competition site. Each team was allowed one entry.

#9 Pabida (U.P. Diliman)

#10 Creative Arts Group (PUP)


#12 Dakila Arts Team

Contest participants were first required to submit a soft copy of their design proposal to the competition organizers for a preliminary screening. Designs that conformed to the contest theme, “Pasko Natin: Ang Diwa Ng Pasko Sa Pilipinas” and also passed the screening were included in the group of finalists. These finalists were the ones who went to the competition site and rendered their artworks on the pavement.

#13 iTeam

#14 Lakandayng (PUP)

#15 Tatsproof

#16 Manuwar (U.P.)

The finalists’ artworks were judged by esteemed jurors National Artist Fil Dela Cruz and Igan D' Bayan, a Filipino visual artist and critic.

#17 UNO

#18 Artcolores (U.R.S. Angono)

#19 Team Pintados

#20 Obra Likha (EARIST Manila)

Winners received the following prizes: Champion – Glass trophy and Php75,000, 2nd Place – Glass trophy and Php50,000 and 3rd Place – Glass trophy and Php30,000.

3rd Place - AC (U.P. Diliman)

2nd Place - Creative Arts Group (PUP)

Champion - UP AP

A People's Choice Award is still happening, so if you have any favorite, all you have to do is got to Avida Land’s Facebook page (Avida Land Corp.), and click LIKE, on that entry. Winners of the People's Choice Award will get Php25,000.

Artworks in the finalists’ roster will also be posted on Avida Land’s Facebook page (Avida Land Corp.) and the artworks at the Avida Towers Centera site will be open for public viewing from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Avida Towers Centera is located at EDSA (northbound lane) corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City,

Congratulations again to Avida Land for this successful cause!And congratulations too to all the participating teams and the winners!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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