The Cream Halloween Ball 2012

It's the best time of the year again for the party goers of the metropolis because it's that time of the year again for them strut their most creative and most scariest or head-turning costume for the BigFish's Cream Halloween Ball!

This is my second time to attend this party, and as excited as I am compared to my first-year experience, I didn't let this occasion pass without me wearing a costume! And since this year's theme is Under the Sea, look who crashed the party looking like a eeeerr Hawaiian Girl! Hey, that's me! Hahaha!

Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball is brought to us by Freedom Music, Bacardi “Made to Mix”, Power Horse Energy Drink “Free Your Energy”, Official Music Channel: MTV, Official Media Channels - AXN and Sony beTV, and Official Residence - Diamond Hotel!

I'm expecting a lot from this year's Cream Halloween Ball, and though World Trade wasn't packed by a lot of people wearing under the sea costumes, 100% of the party goers were definitely party animals jumping up and down to the music of DJ Simon Patterson and DJ Sean Tyas.

Well, I guess, party would be boring without pasaways, right? Thank goodness that the only pasaways that I encountered where these people wearing an above-the-sea costumes, which somehow added some glitz and glam to the night!

Happy Halloween, guys!

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Elmer Domingo said...

Dora the explorer ang peg? :)