AstroPlus Brings Blog-Connect!

On its second year of bringing and sharinng to every blogger in town the world of amazing gadgets and accessories, AstroPlus connects via this one day of gadget appreciation on this year's Blog-Connect!

Happened at AstroPlus Podium last week, almost a hundred of bloggers were invited to know the latest and hippest gadgets and accessories to hit the town in the next few days. From DVDs, to earphones, headphones, iPod and Andoid docks up to multimedia equipment, every one was wowed by the amazing innovation brought by different trusted and upcoming brands.

I was invited to checkout the gadgets segment of this one-day program, and I am really happy to be a part of the said program because not only I get to know the things that really interest me, we were also give a chance to experience each of their top item.

From Sennheiser's top and really reliable headphones, to Sol Republic's unbelievable durability and features that are perfect for those who find it hard to keep their gadget and accessories properly, to Monster's classy and really fashionable new comers, to, Beats signatured looks, to Skullcandy's young and eccentric looks, to Aerial 7's top of the class designs, to Bose's high superior listening experience, and finally, to Gear4's astonishing series of iPod and Adroid docks, which btw, I wish to have one, AstroPlus presented nothing but the best of the future when it comes to gadgets and accessories!

I myself was wowed by the flexibility of Sol Republic's new headphones! It doesn't just look good, but it also perfect of you have young and naughty nieces around, like me!

But of course, if there's one piece that really stole every one's heart, Monster's Diamond Crystal headphones is really the love! Only, how I wish I can afford one! Hahaha!

Congratulations, AstroPlus, and its partners, for this another amazing gadget-lovin' event! Keep them coming!

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