Be Beautiful, Be Th Next Dove Girl!

In a study that Dove conducted to know how women see themselves in 2011, sadly, only 4% find themselves beautiful, while the rest, which is 96%, think that they just look average or normal. With, Dove's advocacy to make every woman in the world to feel the real beauty among themselves, they've been pushing this real beauty campaign for 12 years. And now, they want every woman to be part of it, hence they are inviting you woman reader to be their Next Dove Girl.

In a blog conference that they hosted last week at Romulo's Cafe, beauty bloggers and beauty movers were asked to join them in this intimate dinner where guest themselves experience the natural beauty that Dove is talking about.

From a little makeup session, photoshoot and fun and really inspiring chat over dinner, everyone had a great time learning we can help every girl in the world to feel beautiful. And of course, with the help of Dove cream bar, everyone is expected to be glowing and confident with their looks and style in no time.

And this year, Dove is making their campaign a household activity as they invite each and every woman in this country, age 18 and above, to send in their pictures and be part of the upcoming Dove EDSA billboard.

Joining is really easy. In just 4 easy step, who knows, you could be really the next Dove girl.

First, use Dove beauty cream bar for 7 days. If you are already using it, the better, because you could already skip this part.

Second, got to Dove's Facebook page, and look for the Be the Next Dove Girl application. Pleas take note that you have to "LIKE" the Dove page first in order to see the application and join this wonderful beauty campaign.

Third, once you go through the application, you can upload now your best picture. But before you do so, please read this simple guidelines to make sure that you picture will be on the said billboard.

- One photo upload per email address/per person.

- There must be only one photo per email address/per person.
- Photo must be taken in an uncluttered well lit area.
- Photo must be showing the front of the face from the shoulders up.
- Photo must be in .jpg, .png or .bmp format only, with a maximum file size of 10 MB.
- Photo may not be owned, taken or edited by a professional photographer (unless you have documented consent from the photographer for the (professional photographs).
- You must be the only person appearing in your photo. No other persons may be depicted in the photo, in whole or in part.
- Clothing and any other items appearing in the photo should not contain any visible logos (other than those owned by Dove), drawings, cartoons, photos, phrases, trademarks or other third-party materials other than Dove.
- Photo must not have been submitted previously in a sweepstakes or promotion of any kind or exhibited or displayed publicly beyond social medial channels (i.e., disclosed beyond your immediate circle of friends and family) through any means previously.
- User must use supplied adjustment tool to ensure the image meets size and aspect requirements.
- The submission must NOT contain alcohol, tobacco or animals.
- Photos must NOT contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.

Dove is also asking participants to answer this simple question:

Tell us why you're beautiful by filling in the blanks: 
"I am beautiful because _____________. I am a Dove girl."

Lastly, watch out for the Dove's LED billboard in the coming months! Dove officials told us that the LED billboard will be available on both side of Boni Avenue in EDSA. :-)

As a treat to those who will really take the effort, Dove team also told us that Sara Black, a renowned Filipina fashion photographer who is behind the very famous book, When I Look in the Mirror, a series of extreme close-up portraits of real women with facial imperfections, meant to provoke contemplation in a society growingly obsessed with vanity and perfection, will be sharing her talents to this cause and will put up an exhibit together with her 9 other female photographer friends.

Ten ladies will be chosen to be a part of this moving exhibit, where each one of the Dove girl will be working with on of those photographers. Isn't that exciting?

So, to all my ladies friends and families, I guess it about time to won the beauty that you have! Don't be shy and let yourself tell it to the world that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You all ladies deserve to be the be the NEXT DOVE GIRL!

Stay beautiful everyone!

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