The Phantom of the Opera in Manila Fever is On!

One of the world's greatest love stories has finally come alive in Manila as Cultural Center of the Philippines opens the curtains for the Phantom of the OperaBroadway's longest-running show and one of the world’s most successful and popular musical, the Phantom will be showing from August 25 to September 30, 2012. 

Indulge in a world-class musical and creativity led by its director Harold Prince this month til September, as you get blown away by the performances of Jonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom, Claire Lyon as Christine Daaé and Anthony Downing as Raoul.

And tonight as the Phantom of the Opera shares an exclusive invitational preview of their show here in Manila, I happened to be there with my theater-lover friends to catch its first explosive performance at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo!

It's been months and months of waiting, and it is indeed worth the wait because as the curtains shoot up, I find myself seated at the best seat ever! Of course, thanks to my friend Dave and Danica for scoring such great orchestra seats! Muah!

The show opened with the rising of the chandelier, together with stunning and really applauding voice of Rebecca Spencer as Madame Giry. I've seen the movie version of this story before, and I must say that with what Miss Rebecca has shown to us tonight, it was superbly awesome to see it right in front of your eyes!

Every voice, actions, costumes of every character, stage design, background change and music were lavishly chosen and performed giving nothing but best of the bests! Really, no wonder millions around the world was captivated by this endearing musical, it was simply the grandest!

A lot of the scenes from act one were really memorable and captivating, but there's one there that really left awed, and that was the scene where Christine and Phantom are on the boat! I mean, it was pure genius! I love how the candle lights float out of nowhere,how  the music succumbed the whole scene, how the smoke crawled on the floor and the boat moved so swiftly, it was really the best!

The second act opened with the most spectacular masquerade ball. If you are thinking of your costume for the coming Halloween Ball or Christmas party, that scene was a great source of idea - and the song was really lovable too! The intricate details on their costumes, from head to toe, was purely breathtaking - a good way to open an act, a final one. :-)

But, of course, the best thing that really swept me off of my seat was their prowess voices and acting skills. I never thought that I'd be with them in feeling the pain, especially the one from the Phantom. It was like he got into my soul that I feel so much of his hatred, anger and love. It was really, really a remarkable acting showcase that really deserve a standing ovation.

At the end of the story, we were left by the idea of CHOOSING... And if you'll ask me, I'll choose to watch the show again and again and again! Hahaha!

So, for those lovers, brokenhearted, soon-to-be lovers or simply music lovers, you shouldn't really miss the chance of seeing the Phantom of the Opera at CCP! You still have a month to book and buy your tickets!

I assure you, it is worth every peso! I hope I'll get to see it again! Hehe. I'm ALWAYS available! LOL.

Thank you and congratulations, the Phantom of the Opera!!!
Thank you again, Dave and Danica!

P.S. Sorry for the low-res pictures, as you all know, cameras are not allowed inside CCP. And these photos were taken before the show, during the break and after the show, just so you know. Except for the last one. :-)

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Phantom of the Opera said...

I have not seen the show, but it sounds amazing! I’m glad you got to see it .