The Innovation Black of Bigfish Manila

When it comes to party, there's nothing more like Bigfish's party. And last Saturday as they held their annual Black Party, Bigfish proved once again to thousand of attendees of this year's Black Party the greatness of their production as they present Innovation Black at the World Trade Center Manila.

This is my second Bigfish Manila party, and just like before, in order to truly enjoy my night, I have to brace yourself for the surprise and excitement that they have not just for me but for everybody.

Co-presented by Power Horse Energy Drink and Cuervo Black, thousand of Manila party-goers dig deep into the darkness as they dance along the sounds of  Tritonal and Jerome Isma-ae.

But before I share to all of you the happenings at the party, lemme share first these things that I learned from the cute duo Tritonal.

This is actually my first time to meet them, and I'm honestly impressed as to how they handle this small presscon that the Bigfish had for them.

For those who didn't know yet, Tritonal is one of the hottest item in the DJing industry now. Composed of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, Tritonal has become one of the most familiar names on the progressive world stage and modern trance music. Chad and Dave both have exceptional talents that formed a prolific music production partnership, a match made in heaven from the opposite ends of the United States.

Tritonal recently released a remixed version of their Piercing the Quiet album, and on this night, their Filipinos fans were in for a big treat!

Innovation Black was opened by equally talented Chris Raeuber and John Paul Lee. But as the clock ticked to 12 midnight, the darkest of the dark night, Tritonal filled the World Trade Center Manila with their really awesome trance music.

Everybody can't stop themselves to jump up and down, swing left to write with the amazing performance of the duo - a world-class talent worth seeing, really. I was able to record their opening music, I hope you all like it. :-)

It was such a fantastic night that made we want to see the next Bigfish's parties. On October, there'll be the country's biggest and longest running Halloween costume dance party, the Cream Halloween Ball. It'll feature Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Chris Raeuber and John Paul Lee.

And on November, another music festival is about to hit the town with Big Hangout Music Festival. Dubbed as the Philippine's first and biggest outdoor music festival, this event will showcase more than 20 top international and local artists. You can know more about this great event at

Congratulations, Big Fish! Til next party rockin!!!!

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