The Search is On... Artista Academy!

As the gates to the stardom open, TV5 welcomed thousands of young hopefuls to this one-day grand audition of Artista Academy - the biggest and most intensive"artista" search ever mounted on Philippine television. And earlier at Smart-Araneta Coliseum, where I personally saw how they filled up the bleachers inside the Big Dome, this is indeed, the biggest and grandest "artista" search I've seen so far!

With Php20 million at stake, boys, girls and in betweens, age 16 to 21 took this chance to be screened and be qualified to the first batch of aspiring showbiz personalities of this grand academy. From the thousands of hopefuls, their gonna bring it down to hundreds and then to the top 16 who will be enrolled to the intense "artista" curriculum that the Kapatid Network has prepared in finding the Philippine TV's next big thing.

I spotted a lot of youngsters who I feel would pass the qualification round a while ago. These participants had to fall in line to be screened bearing their birth certificates, valid ID and best glam photos. And since there were tens of thousands who took this chance to be discovered, everyone has to fall in line while keeping it cool to look good on the VTR, which was headed by Artista Academy principal Miss Wilma Galvante and TV and film director Mac Alejandre.

Spotted in the sea of aspiring participants are real "kapatid" or siblings of some famous artists like Aljur Abrenica's brother, Alvin, who took this chance in hoping to enter show business in his own way.

Alvin Abrenica

Then, there's also the brother of Tin Patrimonio, Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 housemate, Angelo, who wishes to follow the showbiz footsteps of his father, Alvin.

Angelo Patrimonio

And lastly, there's Kenneth, who is the brother of ABS-CBN's Gerald Anderson.

Kenneth Anderson

For their TV comeback, I also spotted Marvin Agustin and Cesar Montano, who are gonna be the hosts of this exciting show.

The tension and excitement is just starting, who do you think will complete the 16 students? 

Stay tune for more updates on the grandest and most exciting "artista" search in the country... Artista Academy!

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