Doing How To's the Easy Way with PLDT TelPad

Have you seen that cute TV commercial where this young girl prepared a French dinner setup for her parents who are coming home from work? It showed how this young girl was able to put up a romantic dinner date for her parent creating on memorable experience that they would never forget. All of those were made possible by the recent PLDT Telpad's application TelMeHow.

In it's launch that took place in Prive, The Fort, fellow bloggers and online personalities had a wonderful night knowing and exploring the wonders of this latest application that promotes companionship and simple joys that any Telpad owner can have.

From there, we were able to know that the help of TelMeHow is not just for some how to cook home-cook meals but it also goes on how-to's in fashion, photography and the likes - something that really made me excited. :-)

Event host Sarah Meier

TelMeHow is an educational online companion and an accessible source of easy-to-follow, useful knowledge ideal for pursuing special interests, developing new skills or simply bonding with loved ones, especially during this summer vacation.

The app hosts several categories that family members can engage in, such as cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language and fitness, among others. These categories offer “how-to” content in various forms - instructional videos, photos and supplementary content. This exclusive Telpad app features popular experts in its various categories.

That night, we also met their TelMeHow ambassadors who delightedly shared some of their knowledge. Among them are travel blogger, Lois Yasay, Fashion Designer, Sasa Jimenez, Fashion Stylist, Bea Constantino, Volleyball Player, Michelle Gumabao, Professional Photographer, Paul Ticzon and Food Enthusiast, Erwan Heusaff.

Adding a little fun and excitement to this launching night, was bloggers, including me, were asked to join their little game where we have to apply what we learned from the TelMeHows of Bea Constantino and Paul Ticzon.

Check out these photos where bloggers strutted their ramp modeling talents that added glitters and smiles to the night.

With TelMeHow on Telpad, subscribers will discover that some of the best things and the strongest connections are truly found at home.

Telpad plans, which start at Php1,849.00, Internet speed, include landline service (unlimited local calls) and high-speed connectivity at 1.5 mbps supported by PLDT myDSL. This reliable connection allows users to enjoy uninterrupted online video streaming or choose from more than 450,000 applications available for download on Google Play (formerly known as Android Market).

The sleek, new S7 Slim unit powered by Android™ Froyo 2.2 also comes with 8GB internal memory and 512MB RAM which can be augmented by a 32 GB SD card for additional storage. Whether it’s a playlist of your family’s favorite songs or a digital photo album of your most recent vacation, the upgraded Telpad is the ideal multimedia companion. Users can also plug the Telpad to an HD television screen for larger scale viewing via its micro HDMI port.

This latest version of the Telpad is also equipped with a 0.3-megapixel front and a 3 MP rear camera for still shots, video capture and video conferencing.

To find out more about PLDT’s revolutionary tablet landline, just visit And as for those who have an existing Telpad, you can also download the TelMeHow app for free from the website.

Isn't in a wonder how life nowadays are being so easy and more meaningful with simple tips and ideas that were handed to us in a simple and easy way!

Congratulations and thank you, PLDT!

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