My JanSport Super Sized Summer Experience!

As you may all know, I'm not really an outdoor-ish kind of person. I may go out of town to see places, but most of those trips include nothing but taking photos, beach bumming and church visiting. Well, there are times that I just indulge on food, but I barely do adventures that involves physical activities - really!

That's why when I was invited to join this JanSport Super Sized Summer, I know that I'm taking a different path, the one that doesn't have a "tuwid na daan." Hahaha!

I'll admit that I'm a contest junkie, an online contest junkie, that is, so joining something like this is something that I considered life-threatening at some point. The last time that I joined something like this was way back 2 or 3 years ago, and since then I told myself that  tooold for these kind of games, and that I should leave this to the younger ones.

But challenges are challenges, and there are times that we have to face our fears, to find some excitement in life. And I guess that's what I had in mind that made me and my teammate, Mr. Mix of Everything, Myke Soon, placed 8th on this breath-taking and uber fun JanSport Super Sized Summer.

JanSport Super Sized Summer is composed of 10 Amazing Race-ish challenges. From the inflatables, to mind games, to drinking a liter of soda, to finding a key to the lock, to spotting the difference in a picture, to giant puzzles, to wall climbing, to finding a coin, to an Army-like obstacle, we've gone through all that to reach the finish line. And despite of us being on the 8th place, we're still happy because there were 50 teams who joined this ultra amazing and definitely crazy race, and we were on the top 10! Woohoo!

Before the winners were announced, a local band called 5 minutes, who I find great, btw, entertained us with their amazing music. If my memory serves me right, they are from CSB-DLSU, and the lead vocalist is a real professor. :-) Cool, right?

After that, three strong teams took home some sweet prizes from JanSports Philippines and its sponsors. The third placer took home Php20,000, the second placer got Php30,000 and the champion won Php50,000!

These winners got to home some lovely JanSports items too, including a brand new backpack which they could use in their everyday lives.

As for me, well, we didn't get any prize of sort, but I seriously had a great time bonding with my blogger-friends. I also saw some old friends from the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Community, which added more fun to this event.

Thank you, JanSport Philippines!
I wanna do this again next year, but I'll make sure that I'm fitter and stronger!

Congratulations to the winners! :-) Til next summer!

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Ruth Floresca said...

Waw, extra kami sa pics! Thanks! :)