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Is it "kamusta" or "kumusta"?

This is probably one of the many confusing Filipino words that foreign guests or even locals find hard to pronounce. But with Bayantel's latest smart phone apps that connects you to your love ones abroad, confusion is not an option anymore -

In a presscon that was hosted by Clown in A Million winner Karen Dematera a.k.a. KaladKaren, we were oriented as to how this simple application from Bayantel can be a huge benefit to every Filipino family that has a love one outside the country.

Karen Dematera a.k.a. KaladKaren
Clown in A Million winner 

It's been a huge problem since then for Filipino families to stay connected with their loves who are working and living abroad. And dealing with international call rates is one of the many issues that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have to face once they started contacting their families back home. But now, with the boom of smart phones and Wi-Fi in the world, connecting has never been this easy. is an iPhone and iPad application which you can download from the App Store. Through purchasing a subscription to this application and through the help of WiFi or Internet connection, your love ones abroad can easily call you at a very affordable rate. And guess what, you also call them whenever you want, unlimited!

There are subscription to choose from, once they purchased a certain subscription, they can have a Philippine Bayan number, which they can use to receive Bayan calls from the Philippines, and that is through the help of And through too, they can call their families back home at a pocket-friendly rate!

Bayan International Head Neil S. Macalinao told us that this app is made specifically for families with OFW members who are longing to stay connected with their love ones. As of now, this application has been doing great Japan, an indication that Filipinos in other parts of the world could enjoy too!

So, for more information on this latest app from Bayan Telecommunication, you can check it out at

Let's say hello to the world with - a more Pinoy way of staying connected with our love ones!

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