Creamy with a kiss of caramel na nakaka-inlove!

Hey, you guys, who among you could say that you're a good kisser? I bet a lot of your would say me! And by that, let's see if you can beat the world's greatest kisser now! He's name is Kisstopher Caramello and he's ready to make every girl in town in love with his kiss!

They say that in love, it’s the small things that make life more special - a light touch, a slight brush of lips on the cheeks, a faint giggle and a smile that says everything is more than okay. But in the recent Nestle COFFEE-MATE variant, every boy and every girl will surely fell the love because its Creamy Caramel flavor will just hit the right spot in your palette down to your heart.

Our well-loved creamy COFFEE-MATE is now combined with a hint of Creamy Caramel that boosts up that lovely flavor that anyone can enjoy.

I'm a huge COFFEE-MATE user, so this is really good news for me! Because to be honest, there are days that I get tired of tasting that same old coffee taste, so by having this new flavor, my morning will surely be more lovelier and happier!

In line with this new flavor, they also released this cute and funny video, which features the lovely Kisstopher Caramello, go and check it out!

In the video, Kisstopher, with his partner Kisstina, will share to the world how simple it is to achieve that sweet, creamy, caramel kiss na nakakain-love. Aside from the launch video, there will be a series of weekly kissing tips that Kisstopher will share to the world through COFFEE-MATE Facebook page (

Creamy with a kiss of caramel na nakakain-love, di ba?

So if you have some kissing tips that you feel confident sharing to the world, just log on to Facebook and visit COFFEE-MATE Philippines page!

Spread the love, spread Kisstopher Caramello's video! :-)

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