Happy 2nd Anniversary, Hotel H2O!

Oh, how time fly so fast! I never thought that it has been two years since I saw and experienced this beautiful hotel in my hometown, Manila. And now, 2012, it is still the same Hotel H2O that I loved, offering the best ManileƱo accommodation one would surely enjoy! Happy anniversary, Hotel H2O!

Truly, a Manila and Philippines' pride, Hotel H2O is considered one of the top hotel destinations in this culture-and-heritage rich city. The only hotel in the country that offers unique underwater experience that you'll never forget, H2O promises more world-class features that local and international tourist could enjoy while staying at the bustling city of Manila.

Alongside with the country's top tourist attraction, Manila Ocean Park, Hotel H2O levels up the competition with its world class accommodation and mystifying rooms that individuals and families could experience with the  additional amenities that you could only find here.

From the high-end Zenyu Eco Spa to the in-demand Liquid Pool and Lounge, Hotel H2O keeps giving the best metropolitan accommodation - with lovely sunset as the background.

I was invited to take part on their celebration and witness how this lovely place evolved from its simple beginning.

On the day of the celebration, simultaneous activities happened in and around the vicinity with its focus on family and fun in the Philippines. They also showed to us how marine dreams do come true with this short presentation that happens inside the famous Manila Ocean Park's Oceanarium. It was really cool!

After that, a sumptuous under-the-sea-inspired buffet meal awaits to the guests that keeps the celebration rolling. More surprises and fun features are coming, that's what the management promised to us and to their loyal guests who keep on coming back from time to  time.

Two Years Ago

It was one hot and sunny day, but despite of that the splash of excitement continues, and this time they toured us around the hotel, giving us a glimpse of the wonderful world of H2O.

First, I'm happy that finally they turned the glass doors of their bathrooms to frosted one. The fishes in the aquarium rooms are more beautiful, and they have more rooms now - including the one that can fit a family of 5 and costs Php42,000 a night! Whoa, right?! Well, it has its own office, living room, Jacuzzi, toilet and bath. Plus, it also gives you a clear view of the whole Manila Bay, so its kinda worth it...

The executive lounge, fitness area and even the harmony on the hallways has improved too. Oh, this is really an Atlantis!

Aside from the spectacular view and amazing amenities, Hotel H2O is also a home to the Japan's Ecoparadise Deoxidation CenterEcoparadise Japan recognized the power of nature with its studies on negative ions thus Zenyu Ecospa offers negative ion hot bed treatment. It offers not only pampering and relaxation services, but also a healing component through these negative ion hot bed.

This treatment is said to be perfect for those who are really stressed out, because it balances the ions in your body making your systems work the right way.

It's been a fruitful year to Hotel H2O, and I know all of these wonders will just keep flowing because this place is simply the best!

Congratulations, Hotel H2O! Keep up the good work!
I hope to experience you again soon! :-)


Elmer Domingo said...

Kelan kaya kami makakapag-stay d'yan? :)

David Pascht said...

Nice place!

Tsang Mimay said...

ganda ng interior! sana matry ko din yang ion hot bed treatment.. ang tanong kelan kaya ko makakapunta jan :-?