It's a 'Break' this Mother's Day

It's Friday, and in two days the whole town will be celebrating one of the most important days in our mother's life - the Mother's Day. And if you still don't have any plans as to how to thank and surprise your Mom or Moms, like I do, I hope this short video that I saw a while ago on You Tube will inspire you.

Starring one of the hottest players in town and the morning shoutout voice of the noontime show It's Showtime, Eric Tai plays Dan, a loving son who shares some tips and ideas on how to pamper your mom this coming Sunday.

It's time to give our  mothers some break, and what better way to have a break than to have a Kit Kat Break! Hehe!

Together with one of my favorite chocolate wafer in the whole wide world, Nestle Kit Kat honors hard-working and lovable moms out there through this cool and funny video.

I hope you'll get to enjoy this as much as I did. Eric Tai is really into showbiz na! Hahaha!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and soon-to-be moms out there!

Love you all! :-)

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