Thank You, Pepper Manila!

To be honest, with millions of online store that you could find on the Net nowadays, how can you be sure that you are dealing with the legit one? I'm honestly not a fan of online shopping for I like tiring my self out whenever I have money to visit a mall to shop. But this idea kinda changed when I stumbled upon Facebook page that carries the name Pepper Manila.

I had a great experience before, so for the record, this is just actually my second online shopping transaction. But this time, I was surprised to know when my online friend Lalah Varias messaged me telling me that she owned Pepper Manila! Wow, what a coincidence!

I've met Lalah quite a few times before, and albeit we are not that best of friends I know that she's trustworthy, something that we should have in mind when ordering or buying something online. We had a few exchange of messages until I was convinced to order the cute camera ringt that I saw on her Pepper Manila page.

There are really a lot of beautiful stuff online, and I know you'll agree with me on this. But sometimes, and this a common problem that buyers do encounter, when you received the item that you bought it looks waaaaay different on the photo that you've saw. And you can't do anything anymore since you already paid for it. 

Well, worst case scenario would be you won't be receiving any item all. So always do a background check when buying something online. I trust Lalah and so as Pepper Manila. :-)

My transaction with Lalah was easy and fast, another thing to keep in mind when going shopping online. In a few minutes of our talk, I'm already giving my mailing address to her and she, telling me to expect the item on the day that we both agreed on.

Most of the items that I saw on Pepper Manila are really cool and very, very affordable. But since the ring really caught my attention, I just ordered it.

After a few days, voila! I already have the package! Wee!

The item that I ordered was safely packed, so when I received it, it's on it perfect condition!

Camera Ring - Php50.00

Not bad for 50 bucks eh?

And guess what, the package that I received has also another in it! Sweet!

Clip on Lights - Php40.00

So C-U-T-E! This is perfect for a backpacker like me! I like reading while travelling, night or day. So if in case I got bored and need something to read, this will be a big help!

Thanks so much Lalah!

You can visit their main website at or you can just visit their Facebook page at!

Tell Lalah that you've read about Pepper Manila here, and who knows, you might also received a sweet gift from her. Haha! Just kidding!

Thanks again, Pepper Manila!
Rest assured that this will not be my last business transaction with you!

Stay fierce!