Sky Fun Club: It's More Fun in Sky Cable!

Attending this event last Sunday at the Manila Ocean Park made me think how come we are not subscribe to Sky Cable. With all the fun, excitement and freebies that were given to the participants to this Great Underwater Adventure of Sky Fun Club, I, a non-Sky subscribers surely feel envious.

Started right after lunch, this second leg of Sky Fun Club's The Great underwater Adventure was made possible by its supportive partners Fun Ranch, Webkinz, Canon Pixma, Gain School Advance and Manila Ocean Park.

There were about more than a hundred participants who joined that day coming from different parts of the metro. Most of them were kids and their parents that are all ready to dive in into this amazing treat from Sky Cable, the happening shared some cool activities that kids got to enjoy. Webkinz, and Canon Pixma prepared a little kiddie activities that taught them something new, while the Gain School Advance offered a free consultation for kids and parents alike. Of course, Fun Ranch didn't let all the participants get hungry, so they prepared some refreshments for everybody while enjoying the day.

As soon as the participants were briefed as to what they can do and cannot do inside the Manila Ocean Park's Ocenarium, they were asked to form a line according to their ribbons colors. Then, they were led straight to the Oceanarium where this Great Ocean Adventure officially begins..

One fun thing that I had in my mind that moment was that this is really a cool pre-summer treat for everybody. With the amazing things that kids and parents can see inside the Oceanarium, I'm sure they will never forget the experience.

It took more than an hour until all the groups gathered back in front of the stage. As soon as everybody is back, refreshment were made available for everybody to freshen them up and give them additional energy for the next fun part - the game!

Since this is Sky Fun Club gathering, the fun doesn't stop there. A short program was held where there were games that took place and cool prizes await for the winners! Kids and parents alike enjoyed joining every game, so there was really no once left the place empty-handed.

For younger kids who are not strong enough to beat the other tougher kids, two Manila Ocean Park mascots also made an appearance and shared a dance number.

Canon Pixma also had a photo booth, where families can be photographed to have a souvenir of the whole event, while Sky Fun Club gave away some amazing loot bags that kids can enjoy more!

It was indeed a fun day for this very fun club. Now, I can wait to be officially one of them and have the chance to enjoy the things that they've got to enjoy that day.

More pictures here.

It is really more fun in Sky Cable!
Thank you, Sky Fun Club!


Elmer Domingo said...

Gusto kong magkaroon ng Sky Cable pero wala ako pambayad :(

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Weh? Ikaw pa! Hehe. Ako din wala pang pambayad,iipon muna. :-P