Phitein Goes Online

For being in the market for years now, I believe that people who are into fitness and wellness are familiar with this brand. And with the good benefits that they are getting from it, now wonder Phitein has finally entered the world of technology to serve their faithful customers faster and more efficient.

Phiten started selling online two years ago according to Ronaldo Colmenar, General Manager of SEEMI Inc. With its shares of success and failures, one important thing that the company has learned from those is that online selling is very different from on-floor sales particularly when it comes to coming up with promos aimed to entice customers. 

Mr. Colmenar said that Internet can be used to reach out to their people in a more personal level and attract potential new clients and gain the loyalty of old ones. Thus, they are pulling up a promo that they thing will play a vital role for Phitein in making a way to the world on social media - the Design Your own Phiten contest.

The winner of the Design Your own Phitein will get the privilege of having their design produced and named after them. This, according to Mr. Colmenar, should get more involvement from the customers not merely as buyers but also as contributors to the brand. This is also a nice way to solicit the ideas of their clients regarding how they can improve their products through various online interaction media.

Complemented with timely and exciting promos and social media marketing, Mr. Colmenar also advised that it is important to be always armed with fresh new products in order to maintain the interest of online clients. Most Pinoys are tactile buyers, according to him, and engaging with them do not necessarily mean convincing them to buy online, rather more on getting them to support and understand the product regardless of where they buy it.

Nowadays,  the percentage of the online communities are getting higher, meaning the market is getting very active. That's why Phiten team are cooking up very exciting online promos that Phitenatics can look out for.

With this, he urged consumers to visit for all product listings, description and prices. You can also like their Facebook Page Phitein Philippines or follow them on their Twitter Page Phitein Philippines for more updates on exciting promos and contests.

Phiten is not a product that magically enhance its users’ physical abilities, but rather it is a product that actually balances the ions in the body properly in order to enhance the well-being of the individual. Phiten affects wellness and not the performance, and when a person feels better, they tend to perform better.

"Whatever they can do when they feel better is beyond the effects of Phiten already", said Mr. Ronaldo Colmenar.

You can buy Phiten products through its website or you can just visit any of their stores and kiosks in major malls.

Stay healthy and keep fit, everyone! :-)

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Elmer Domingo said...

The wrist bands and necklaces looks cool! I wonder how expensive these items are :)